How easy is this? Design the best look for a truck, and you could win a free cap or tonneau from Leer Truck Accessories. Yeah, that’s what we’re talkin’ ’bout! That’s what we think about all day, too--how to make a truck look cool! Finally--someone other than you cares about your doodles! Help Leer design its SEMA show truck!

The 100XQ Explorer Sport Trac can have any lifestyle theme--golf, motocross, personal watercraft, fishing, camping--whatever. Just make sure that you submit either a hand-drawn or a digitally modified design of the two images: front and rear.

Leer's Design a Winner Contest will run through September 15, 2001 and is open to all who respond. The images can be downloaded from or right here at

To request contest information, you can contact Leer at Design a Winner Contest, Leer Marketing, 1686 East Beamer Street, Woodland, CA 95776, email: You can also get a complete list contest rules, or just read the fine print in the sidebar below called "Rules."

All entries will be evaluated and one will be chosen as the winner. Leer will then build the truck to the winner’s design and give the winner a free Leer truck cap or tonneau. The winning design will premiere at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas in the Leer booth.