Already modified for your enjoyment? That’s the idea behind the Ford F-150 Lightning Rod that the Blue Oval has just revealed. As we mentioned, it has already been dropped and lengthened, and it features a roof that’s been chopped an inch, overhangs that have been neutered, and head and taillights that have been swapped out for twin horizontal neon tubes. Other hints of musclecar expose themselves in the shape of a recessed custom aluminum grille with horizontal bars, a powerdome hood, hidden window wipers, and stainless steel, dual exhaust. Under the hood is a ’charged version of the 5.4L SOHC Triton V-8, and it spits out 380 horses at 4,750 rpm and 450 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 rpm. The tires are custom Goodyears, with 295/40/R20 rubber up front and larger 305/40/R20 out back, and all are mated to five-spoke, custom-designed, cast-aluminum, 20-inch wheels.The Rod is skinned in cherry-red metallic paint, which also seeped inside. The dash is leather-wrapped, and the instrument panel shows only the bare essentials.

Wondering about the design? The leather-wrapped tonneau cover has a traditional Maori tribe tatto (Maori are Polynesian people of New Zealand, in case you're ever on Millionaire), which also appears on the seats and the headliner.

Like what you see here? It's just a concept at this point, but if there's demand.... Let us know what you think!