2004 Consumer Electronics Show

Cool Audio, Hot Babes, And All The Gadgets You Could Ever Want.

DG Leadbetter
Feb 6, 2004
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The Consumer Electronics Show (or CES, as its called those in the know) is held every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year was a record breaker for the annual show ... more than 1.38 million net square feet was used to house all of the cool stuff that brought together more than 129,000 industry professionals, over 2,400 exhibiting companies and 18,000 international travelers from 110 countries! Since it's not open to the public, we had an "all-access" to get the inside on scoop on what was hot for your home and truck.
Now you can't have a proper demonstration of your audio products without a cool vehicle to show them off in, and as in years past, it was all about the trucks! The vehicle of choice this year was the Scion, but just about every booth had a lifted, lowered or serious off road truck to show off their audio components. Hell, even Microsoft had a Hummer in their booth to show off their in car computer components.
From the mobile audio side of things, there were a couple of things that were pretty exciting. One was an in-car computer with a touch screen LCD. The computer itself was no bigger than a standard in dash head unit. Electronics aren't just limited to stereos and video, as some of the automotive aftermarkets have realized just how powerful the industry is. To that end, we saw familiar companies like APC showing off their lines of taillight, exhaust systems and other goodies for your car. Leather seat kits, custom dashes and all sorts of other automotive accoutrements were on display, sending a clear message to the retailer that it's not about a head unit and a set of speakers anymore.
Of course, MP3 head units were still going strong, and don't seem to be going off the radar screen any time soon. Speaking on screens, there was a really sweet portable DVD player from IconTV that can also be docked in your vehicle as a flip down screen. In addition to that, IconTV also was showing off their HDTV ready screen. Just like last year, in car video had a strong show at CES. Blaupunkt was showing off their Chicago IVDM-7002 in-dash DVD/CD/MP3 player with Dolby digital 5.1 surround set up... all you needed to do is add speakers.
The 2004 CES show played host to a wide variety of celebrities. While wandering the show, we bumped into Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling the former writer from the Howard Stern show. Jackie was out promoting some new gag products for Excalibur. During the four days of CES, we also saw a bevy of live performances over in the Sirius Satellite Radio booth. The Bangles, Joe Jackson and Leann Rimes were just a few of the big names that came out to play a few songs and talk to the DJs. Over in the XM Satellite Radio booth, we spotted the girls from Playboy's Night Calls, signing autographs and posing for pictures.
Speaking of hot girls, there was some awesome scenery to gawk at during CES. It would be safe to say that you were the minority if you DIDN'T have some hot young thang drawing people into your bit of real estate. While there were some new girls to scope out, there were some favorites. The lovely Raquel was at the Visonik booth; the stunning Nicole was signing posters at MA Audio, the always-hot Mary was signing posters in the Kove Audio booth and the super sexy Tyran was wowing the crowd over in the Bazooka booth.
All in all, it was a killer show. And don't worry, you'll be see all of the cool stuff we saw at the show on the shelves of your favorite electronics store really soon.



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