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  • Unlimited Creations' 2002 Escape To The Pines

Unlimited Creations' 2002 Escape To The Pines

First Annual Escape To The Pines

Lance Martz
Jan 1, 2003
Photographers: Lance Martz
Photo 2/16   |   unlimited Creations Custom Truck Show custom Truck
At the onset of the 2002 show season, a young club full of eager mini-truckers hosted its very first event at the Ponderosa Plaza Mall in Prescott, Arizona, called Escape to the Pines. This was its first show of any kind held anywhere, but the club plans to make the event an annual occurrence from now on, especially because the show went so well. Robert Markov, president of Unlimited Creations, must have incredible skills when it comes to getting a group of people to band together for a single purpose. It's our opinion that Unlimited's first event was better managed than many of the large, nationwide events we attend that have been going on for years.
Photo 3/16   |   unlimited Creations Custom Truck Show truck
The first day of the show was Saturday and it started with vendors showing up early to stake their area out and set up their display areas. Soon afterwards, enthusiasts rolled one after another into the mall parking lot, and after they had paid their entry fee and were classified into their respective show classes, they set about detailing their rides for the judges to check out. Soon the Unlimited Creations judging team was out and about getting everyone with an entry number figured out for trophy contention. The U.C. staff had all kinds of things going on all day for people to do, including games, a hydraulic competition, an air-hopping competition, vendors with killer products to check out, and more. When the day turned to evening, the show area emptied out and showgoers headed to their hotels to get cleaned up for a night of fun in Prescott.
Photo 4/16   |   unlimited Creations Custom Truck Show custom Toyota Tacoma
What most people didn't realize was that the Unlimited crew had taken care of everything for an awesome night of cruising. It had already contacted the local police department and received clearance from the po-po for everyone to drag their rides silly, as long as they did it in front of the Prescott City Jailhouse. No kidding. In all, the night was every bit as fun as the show was during the day, and no one got jailed or ticketed for dragging or hopping.
Sunday was the final day of the Unlimited show, and more people showed up for the last day than the day before. With last-minute judging to complete, the Unlimited Creations staff did an incredible job of getting everything done before the awards ceremony started. It even managed to get everything done early to allow those from out of state (and there were plenty) extra time to get back to their own area in time for work on Monday. For more information on the Second Annual Escape to the Pines, visit, and while you're there, peep some of the cool rides driven by the kick-ass members of the club. We'll see you in Prescott next year.


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