Something like 40,000 spectators witnessed the 2002 Truckin' Nats at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix. 40,000 spectators! That's a lot of people looking at a lot of trucks. The Nats went off without a hitch and blew up even bigger than previous year's events. More than 100 of the industries' top vendors set up shop and 500 show trucks battled it out for top honors on the show field. By noon on Saturday, the show field was teeming with people, trucks, vendors, models, bikinis, and good food. Early on, competitors were lining up for their endless runs on the dragstrip. Grudge matches ensued; we even saw a few minis out there tearing up both the track and their drivetrains. The bikini contest was a crowd pleaser as usual, and all activity inside the show grounds seemed to stop as the first model made her way down the red carpet. The level of competition at the show was also pushed to dizzying new heights as new trucks were rolled out with custom frame clips, rear cantilever suspensions, and even full tube chassis. The Truckin' Nats has always been a great show that the Southwest area of the US truck scene could converge on and this year did not disappoint. We hear that there will be a few new tricks up the sleeve of the Truckin' staff and that the next event will be held in sin city. We'll keep our fingers crossed. See ya next year!