Before a single show truck scraped across the parking lot of Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, for the 2002 Truckin' Nationals, a different gathering commenced in Southern California. A group of 170 like-minded individuals convened at Santa Anita Raceway the day prior to the show for what promised to be the ultimate cruise to the show. Minis, fullsizes, and SUVs cruised from Dealers Sport Truck Accessories to Boyd Coddington's shop to Gibson Exhaust' manufacturing facility to American Products Company (APC), finally landing at AIM Industries in Mesa, Arizona. Throughout the day-long, 450-mile rolling truck show, enthusiasts were treated to guided tours of the sponsors respective facilities, picking up poker cards along the way. At the end of the cruise, everyone gathered for dinner and a concert at AIM Industries' massive manufacturing facility, where the poker run was concluded and the prizes were awarded. The cruise provided an excellent alternative to the six-hour long, lonely drive to Phoenix for the show; a great time was had by all. If you would like to participate in the next State-2-State Cruise, keep an eye out for information in your favorite mag, as we look toward the North in 2003 and head for sin city.