Draggin' the Plains

Russell Gulow
Mar 13, 2003
In July 2002, Michael "Spanky" Edwards passed away due to illness. Being loved by his friends, they decided to throw a show in his memory. Michael's friends had a few goals in mind for this car show. First, they would use some of the proceeds to help with Michael's medical bills he incurred. They would then use the rest to set up an account for his daughter, Sadie Claire Edwards, for things she'll need later on in life. With six weeks of planning and lots of legwork, everything was finally in place for Draggin' the Plains in Amarillo, Texas.
As soon as we arrived, we noticed that not only were there vehicles already set up at the crack of dawn, but were also already cleaned and ready to be judged. There was a variety of everything, from trucks to classics to motorcycles to fullsizes, all gleaming in the morning sun. It was nice to see the older custom guys checking out the new school stuff just as much as the young guys were checking out the classics. Saturday's events went smoothly, with a free concert given that evening before the show closed.
Sunday's events went just as smooth as Saturday. A couple of highlights on Sunday were The Lowest competition and the Biggest Club award. The lowest contest was close enough that the judges had to re-measure a couple of the vehicles to be able to declare a winner. The biggest club award parlayed into a tiebreaker with a representative from the two biggest clubs arm wrestling for the trophy.
Some of the people the promoters would like to thank include Tripps Harley Davidson, West Texas Insurance, Family Medicine Centers, the Ambassador Hotel, Action Motorsports, and the rest of the people who donated money or items to help with the show.
With a lengthy list of sponsors, a venue that has plenty of room to expand, and a hard working staff we see only good things ahead for this show. We had a blast at Draggin' the Plains and look forward to seeing everybody there next year. On a final note, you know how every show has a virgin runner? Well, this show had a virgin promoter.
Mike Pike got the grand prize of being wrapped in caution tape and having ice-cold water poured on him by his staff. Mike took it in stride, though, and even thanked everyone later for cooling him off. For more information, contact: Lesley Boles, (806) 358-8257, or Jason Vaughn, (806) 672-2315, draggintheplains@hotmail.com.



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