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Bring the Noize

SoCal's Season-Ender

Mar 11, 2004
The annual Bring the Noize show, sponsored by Art of Noize in Lakeview Terrace, California, was held at the end of the Cali' show season when summer is supposed to start cooling down. At the beginning of October 2003 at Hansen Dam Park, the temperatures rose well over 90 degrees and the dam was packed with all kinds of custom vehicles, including some extremely wild mini-trucks. Vehicles came from as far as Texas and all points in between to take part in the Art of Noize event.
In years past, the Bring the Noize show had always been held in parking lots. This past year, however, attendees were given the choice of parking on the grass or the asphalt. With the high temperatures, it was no wonder that many participants set up their displays on the freshly cut grass. As the show got underway in the early a.m., the cooler grassy areas filled up fast. Being mini-truckers themselves, the Art of Noize members were very permissive and allowed clubs to park together, even though it made their judging more difficult.
At 10 a.m., the Art of Noize judging staff started making its rounds to check out every single vehicle in attendance and award points for modifications, cleanliness, detail, and show display. Most of the major players were in attendance from such custom truck club organizations as Severed Ties, Local Finesse, Toyz-R-Us, Down to Earth, Aftermath, Act One, Altered Dimensions, Dignified, Low Intentions, Seductive, Senseless Behavior, Acrophobia, Spectrum, Forbidden Fantasy, Bad Habits, Freaks of Nature, and Xtreme Lowz -- just to mention the majority. If we left you out, make sure you find an MT photographer next time.
DJ Roulette from Mad House F/X kept some slammin' tunes spinning all day to keep the crowds of enthusiasts and spectators entertained, and Toyz-R-Us Car and Truck club set up a booth to sell hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks. Vendors on hand included IF Customs, Hollywood Choppers, Sik Kustoms, Richards Stuff, and Auto Graphix Shirts. The show's vendors had all sorts of killer custom clothing, parts, and other necessities that many just couldn't leave the event without. Vendor sales showed that most people came to the event with more than food and entry money -- killer deals were to be had at a fraction of the normal price.
As afternoon rolled around, the show's official hopping contest brought plenty of cheers from the crowd gathered to watch. Daddy's Customs' Toyota standard cab rolled into position to start its run, and it wasn't long before the truck easily hopped its way to victory. Trophy time was next, and awards were passed out amongst all the various classes, with a variety of open- and closed-bed minis picking up prizes. As a nod of encouragement, a couple of primer mini-trucks took home trophies for under-construction efforts and modifications performed on their not-quite-finished rides.
The Art of Noize is a family-oriented club that tries to help charitable causes. More than $600 was raised at the show's raffle for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In 2004, look for the show to be held in Phoenix. For more information about this year's event, or to see awards result posted from Bring the Noize 2003, visit



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