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Scr8p Fest VI

A wacky draggin' fun for all

Russell Gulow
Apr 9, 2004
Photo 2/29   |   chevy S10 Extended Cab left Front View
Pebble Pushers recently invited the MT staff back for its annual SCR8P Fest show in Kannapolis, North Carolina. This show is a blast, and last year's event was no different. The fun started on Friday night and continued until Sunday after the awards ceremony, when everyone left for home.
As an organization, Pebble Pushers is all about having fun, dragging, and just being themselves. All those aspects flow into the show, which leaves people wanting more and looking forward to the following season's show. The number of people who attended SCR8P Fest was up compared with the previous year's event, which made the club happy that so many remembered its shindig enough to come back for a repeat performance. While SCR8P Fest may not be the biggest show on the East Coast, it's huge when you consider the fun factor.
Photo 3/29   |   chevy S10 Regular Cab left Front View
When we arrived Friday night, the show field was already covered with custom rides and filled with people hanging out and having a good time. A few draggin' sessions ensued as well, making a great spark show for everyone to enjoy at night. At nearly 3 a.m., we decided to leave the funsters to their party and headed to our hotel for some sleep, even though there were still plenty of people at the show. When we got to the hotel, we found another group of mini-truckers partying it up. Somehow, we managed to get some sleep in preparation for the following days' show activities.
Photo 4/29   |   chevy S10 Regular Cab left Front View
Saturday morning, we arrived at the show to find that any room that had been left on the show field on Friday night was now occupied by customs. We started covering the show as quickly as possible, so we'd have enough time to re-canvas the area to make sure we hadn't missed anything. Mini-truckers like low trucks, and there was no shortage of killer door-draggers found hanging around the event. Since not everyone lays doors, there were also plenty of other customs to wow just about everyone who looked at them. There were more than enough hot rides and fun games planned by the Pebble Pushers crew to keep even the most attention-deficit mini-trucker busy all day. Club games are always fun to watch, especially when your friends are being their usual selves and taking part. SCR8P Fest had games such as an egg toss, a bat relay, a human wheelbarrow race, and a water chugging contest. When night fell, everyone stayed at the show, sharing stories and hanging out. There was so much to see and do on just the first day of the show that we once again didn't leave the show field until 3 a.m.
Photo 5/29   |   mazda B2200 Regular Cab left Front View
Somehow, we managed to get back to the venue on Sunday before it was all over and done with. Pebble Pushers hosted hydraulic and air-hopping competitions that drew huge crowds of people wanting to see pieces and parts go flying off rides that had been built semi-ready to dance. One car in particular was able to bounce its back bumper off the ground just before it went up in flames. Once the fire was put out, the contest continued. Afterward, Pebble Pushers announced the awards from the show, crowned Ground Zero with an award for Club Participation, handed Mini Truckin's Choice award provided by Drop 'em Wear? Clothing Company to "Special Ed," and thanked everyone for coming out to its event. To say that we're looking forward to this year's SCR8P Fest would be an understatement.
SCR8P FEST VII will be held September 24-26 at Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium in Kannapolis, North Carolina. For more information, contact: Kenneth or Brandi (704) 933-3793; Bubba (704) 662-8234; L'il Bubba (704) 361-1795; Rob (704) 662-3970;


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