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Forbidden Fantasy 2004

7th Annual Show "n" Shine

Lance Martz
Jun 17, 2004
Each year, just as winter is beginning to give up for the year, Forbidden Fantasy hosts a show that is guaranteed to please even the hardest of hard-core mini-truckers. In the past, club members devoted one full day to the craziness they brought when hosting a show. This time, Forbidden added a second day to get everyone through the gates and set up early. Since Saturday was mostly a move-in day, the real show action was to take place bright and early on Sunday. On Sunday morning, those vehicle owners who hadn't entered the day before, registered, parked, and readied their rides for showing. The Southern California weather had only changed about two weeks before the event, and cloudy skies had been replaced with the familiar perfect blue skies and 80-plus degrees California is well known for.
The show was packed full of events to keep showgoers and participants involved during the two days of fun. Besides the constant movement of foot traffic at the fairgrounds, which had to look like a colony of ants from above, Forbidden kept everyone busy with live entertainment, extreme bike and skating demos, and tons of vendors sporting all kinds of new must-have items for your custom project buildup. The show also held its renowned bikini contest and handed out thousands of dollars in cash and prizes to attendees.
With the show field finally settled by mid-afternoon, most of the show's weekend inhabitants began migrating to all points inside the Forbidden showgrounds to check out the competition, peep out new custom products, or schmooze with companies promoting fresh, new custom products. We had to stop by Devious Customs' booth to see its newest addition: mail-order stock-floor body drops. Believe it or not, these guys will soon be selling ready-to-seam-together stock-floor body drops for S-10s. The future looks bright, indeed.
Upon further exploration, we found that the Perris Fairgrounds had its own skate park, and plenty of kids and other interested parties were out tearing it up on the area's half-pipe and other skating apparatuses. Since we were there to shoot the show and scope out fresh new rides, we tried to keep ourselves from hanging out there too long. Before long, the sun started to ease toward the horizon, letting everyone who'd brought a show ride know that the time was nearly at hand for Forbidden Fantasy to recognize those who stood head and shoulders above the rest. Once the Forbidden Fantasy judging team had made all its rounds and the show field was completely judged, a final list containing the names of the show's most-deserving customs was made. More than 150 trophies were given away during the awards ceremony held outside the gates. By the time the sun had set, no more than 30 trucks were left in the parking lot, and Forbidden had succeeded in keeping its show-'n'-shine tradition alive for the seventh year running. For information on the 2005 Forbidden Fantasy Show 'n' Shine, contact: Brian Goude,;


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