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  • Greenville Nights - Showfest 2004 After-Party

Greenville Nights - Showfest 2004 After-Party

All-Hours After-Party

Mike Alexander
Oct 1, 2004
Photographers: Mike Alexander
Photo 2/20   |   greenville Nights Custom Truck Show yellow Chevy S10
Whether you drive all the way from California with your fully built mini in tow, or just happen to cruise in from nearby, there's a reason why Showfest has quickly grown to attract showgoers nationwide. Aside from the badass rides laid out across the showgrounds, huge club turnouts, and awesome small-town environment, many people come because they know that after the show lets out, the party will just be getting started.
The party began Thursday night as the early birds pulled into their hotels and prepared for a weekend they wouldn't soon forget. By Friday night, the strip was jam-packed with people and trucks, all out having a good time. The traffic on the strip was controlled by the local police, who were generally easygoing, unless you happened to be spinning donuts or burning out across two lanes of traffic. They did their best to keep things moving at a decent pace Friday night.
Everyone posted up on both sides of the road to catch their share of the action. Whether you were draggin' or just cruisin' with a bed full of friends, the atmosphere was that of one big family party. At times, the locals joined in and cruised the strip. It was innocent enough at first, but after a few beverages, they got a little out of hand. The cops, however, quickly remedied the situation, and we were able to get back to the cruisin' in no time.
Saturday night is always the major party night, and everyone crowded the strip to see the trucks from the show drag rocker down the road. Unfortunately, the majority of the draggin' didn't start until 3 a.m., after the police had changed shifts. The party each night easily lasted until the sun came up, and people began to head back to the showgrounds. Some people made it back to their rooms in time for a shower or breakfast, while a few were even lucky enough to catch some shuteye. Most, though, partied until the sun cast its first shimmer of light onto the new day.
As long as we keep it safe, we can preserve the fun nightlife atmosphere for weekend shows nationwide. With the help and maturity of the mini-truck scene, we can ensure that there will be shows in every state, where we can all gather and share our love of draggin', hangin', and showin' for years to come. Thanks for the good times, and we look forward to meeting even more people at Showfest '05. See you there.



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