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  • 2004 Relaxed Atmosphere's All-Star Event - Custom Truck Show

2004 Relaxed Atmosphere's All-Star Event - Custom Truck Show

Could This Be the Next Greenville?

Mike Alexander
Mar 1, 2005
Photographers: Mike Alexander
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With a recent lack of good weekend shows, Relaxed Atmosphere decided it was time to step up to the plate and organize its very first show, which was appropriately named Relaxed Atmosphere's All-Star Event. The show took place September 4-5 at the USA Stadium in Millington, Tennessee. Generally, the first year of most events is just to get people's attention and peak some interest to draw a larger crowd for the following years. Well, it turned out that this first-year show was bigger than anybody could have guessed and brought out more than 300 quality vehicles and thousands of spectators.
When we first arrived, we knew the show was going to be high-quality because 85 percent of the vehicles rolling through the gates made us look twice. Before the show even began, we had several features lined up and still had all weekend to scout the show. After we checked out the showgrounds and surrounding areas on Friday, we ran into Luke W. at Beerz in Smyrna, Tennessee. We hung out for a bit and won a body-dropped and chop-topped Blazer in a pool bet, but lost most of the bets after that. Luckily, we got out of there before losing our shirts and headed back to rest up for the show.
Saturday brought out even more high-quality rides, along with tons of vendors and events to keep showgoers busy all day long. We scoured the stadium, snapping pictures of every single mini-truck in attendance, as most were actually done. To have more finished trucks at a show than under-construction ones is a rare occurrence for us mini-truckers. After the show wrapped up Saturday evening, everyone headed back to the hotels and kept the party going on the strip. There was draggin' and cruisin' all night long. The police wanted to make sure the fun could continue without affecting the safety of the general public, so they set up an area in a parking lot where everyone hung out as though it was a local cruise night. It was actually the biggest "cruise night" we've ever seen, and it kept the show going way past the stadium's closing hours. Rumor has it that someone even went through the car wash riding on the back of an Avalanche. It was definitely good times.
Look for this year's event to go off even bigger and better. Relaxed would like to thank all its sponsors, including Drop 'Em Wear?, Freeman's Auto Accessories, Godfather Customs, Kustom Werks, Memphis Car Audio, and Silver Star Customs. For more information, contact: Chris Starr, (270) 898-8996;
All-Star Event's Nightlife
The nightlife for the First Annual RA show was off the hook. There was much talk about this show becoming the next Showfest, due to the cruisin', draggin', and late-night hangouts. People flooded the hotels to kick a few back and watch all the minis drag up and down the road. The police were cool for the most part, and when it got too late, they actually set up an area in an empty parking lot for all the late-nighters to gather and continue the festivities.


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