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  • 2005 Lake Havasu State to State Cruise

2005 Lake Havasu State to State Cruise

Spring Break in Havasu

Gary Blount
Sep 1, 2005
Photographers: Calin Head, Gary Blount
Photo 2/23   |   lake Havasu State To State Cruise custom Chevy Truck
In the past the State to State cruise has taken us to Las Vegas and Phoenix. This year's Sport Truck State to State cruise changed destinations to the west coast Spring Break capital of America, Lake Havasu, Arizona. What better way to get hot chicks in bikinis to pose on trucks than to take the trucks to a Spring Break venue? Need we say our expectations of mostly nude women gone wild were not disappointed? We found more than enough girls to pose next to cool trucks, although we did have a few problems. First, some of the Spring Breakers could hardly behave long enough to take pictures we could actually print in the magazine, plus we had more girls than trucks. Now that we have filled the Sport Truck hard drive with unprintable Spring Break pictures, here's how the cruise went and the photos that passed the censors.
With giveaway prizes coupled with poker cards at each stop, the turnout was impressive. The State to State cruise started at Line-X of Huntington Beach, California, where owner Marcel Venable gave a worm welcome to all the early birds that were willing to start at 8 a.m. Also, Sir Michaels, in Huntington Beach, allowed our posse into its shop and filled the streets surrounding the facility. Next on the agenda was ATS Designs in Cerritos, California, which had the doors open for door prizes, poker cards, and T-shirts. The next destination was MKW Wheels in City of Industry, California, where the shop was set up with cool displays and plenty of giveaways. Then, we were off to A&W for some tasty burgers, and then we filled up with fuel and motored on to the last stop. The final destination was, of course, the city of Lake Havasu where the local authorities warned us that they wouldn't tolerate loud stereos, dragging, hopping, or foul language.
All in all, the cruise had a great turnout, and we had no airbag mishaps on the way out. Thanks go to Toyo Tires for giving the poker run winner a brand-new set of tires for their truck. And, yes, the 5-0 were out in force, so if you want to bump your stereo or speak with a foul tongue, you better do it on a boat.


Sir Michaels
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
Line-X of
Huntington Beach,
MKW Wheels
City of Industry, CA 91748



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