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  • Assorted's Showfest 2005 - Custom Truck Shows

Assorted's Showfest 2005 - Custom Truck Shows

The Show, The Myth, The Legend

Chad Lucas
Oct 1, 2005
Photographers: Mike Alexander, Chad Lucas
Photo 2/37   |   assorted Show Fest 05 Greenville Mississippi suicide Doors
What can you say about Assorted's Showfest in Greenville, Mississippi? Well, we personally can't say enough about it. Being Mini Truckin's Show of the Year for the last two years, we see no reason as to why it shouldn't own a third. For those of you who have not witnessed the madness that is known as Greenville, you're missing out on a big part of the mini-truck culture. Greenville is not only the best show because it brings the baddest show vehicles from around the country, but also because the nightlife is second to none.
You would think after our two-and-a-half day drive and nothing but junk food all we would be able to think about was sleep. On the contrary - there was cruising and partying to be done! The night before the show, the streets of Greenville were already chock-full of custom rides. As always, Hwy. 82 served as a recreational area for all the out-of-towners.
Photo 3/37   |   assorted Show Fest 05 Greenville Mississippi custom Truck Bed
With the first night of partying over, all of the show-worthy rides were dragged to the showgrounds. How so many people wake up this early after a night of debauchery is beyond us. Once you reach the showfield, it is evident the sickest vehicles from all over the country have made it a point to be there. As always, there were a couple minis that stole the show. Relaxed Atmosphere brought out a few minis that were as highly detailed as anything we have ever seen.
The Discovery theme contest would have to go to Plane Jane, a P-51-inspired Mazda that was as well thought-out as the original donor. It makes you wonder if this is the way our sport is evolving. We're sure we'll see a few more minis taking cues from Plane Jane.
Saturday night was crazier than ever. Law enforcement was very lenient; anyone who was having a good time without trying to hurt someone or do damage was left alone. The locals came out in full force this year to chop it up Mike Jones-style. All in all, the show was a smash success and held it down for the South.
Photo 4/37   |   assorted Show Fest 05 Greenville Mississippi nissan Truck
With more than 800 vehicles this year as well as more than 8,000 spectators, this show is the show to be seen in the South. The best aspect of this show is that part of the proceeds goes to the Mississippi Firefighters Memorial Burn Association. Assorted would like give a special thanks to KAIK Products as well as all of the vendors in attendance, including Airlift Company, Billet Accessories Direct, Drop 'Em Wear?, Ekstensive Metalworks, Gas Monkey Garage, Graphic Hut, IF Customs, Kicker, Kustomz Ink Clothing, and Phlat Out Magazine. Mad props go out to the Assorted crew and anyone else who helped. For information on next year's show, call (601) 924-1706 or (318) 428-2002, or e-mail
The Strip
It's not just the quality vehicles that cause people to flock to Greenville, Mississippi, like Woodstock. It has a lot to do with what goes on after the show lets out. Route 82, better known as "The Strip," is where all the action is. Every single year the road becomes the world's largest cruise night, as people line the sides of The Strip hoping to catch a glimpse of trucks draggin' azz down the road.


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