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  • Havoc 2005 Custom Truck Show - Wreaking Havoc on Louisville with Sport Truck and Mini Truckin'

Havoc 2005 Custom Truck Show - Wreaking Havoc on Louisville with Sport Truck and Mini Truckin'

This Could Be The Start Of Something Beautiful

Mike Finnegan
Oct 1, 2005
Photographers: Calin Head, Gary Blount
Photo 2/55   |   havoc 2005 Custom Truck Show scrappin
The Havoc show had all the necessary ingredients for a fun-filled weekend truck show. It was held indoors at the convention center in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, which meant two things. First off, Kentucky is central to everybody, and second, an indoor truck show means air conditioning. The temps inside never climbed high enough to break a sweat, and since the show was indoors, you only had to detail your truck once without fear of wind or dust messing it up.

Havoc also had several other things going for it. The city of Louisville was kind enough to block off an entire city block to provide an area suitable for draggers to do their deed with zero interference from police. All you had to do was sign a waiver at the show, and at 6 p.m. on Saturday, you could do lap after lap of railin' your ride out on the street in front of a captive audience. Unlike other shows, where the draggin' takes place on uncontrolled city streets, there were no pedestrians, no locals swerving through traffic to cause accidents, and best of all, the whole scene was entirely legal.
Photo 3/55   |   havoc 2005 Custom Truck Show custom Classic Truck
The action was off the chain! One guy dragged past the crowd with his truck's tilt bed in the up position, hammering the roll pan as he flew on by. Another guy in a Nissan Hardbody actually laid his truck out at 40 mph with the driver-side suicide door all the way open-craziness! Brian Brubaker's Tacoma actually slid sideways down the street, once the air was out of the 'bags, the rockers hit the floor, and the tires relinquished grip with the pavement, earning him the coveted drag-off championship award.
When the drag session ended, everyone headed around the corner of 4th Street to yet another city block that was roped off and ready for fun. This area was chock-full of bars and included a bowling alley and a pool hall. A valid ID got you through the velvet rope and into an area where roaming the street in pub-crawl mode with a frosty cold one in your hand was, again, perfectly legal. The close proximity of the host hotels, the convention center, and all the extra-curricular activities made for an easygoing weekend.
Photo 4/55   |   havoc 2005 Custom Truck Show custom Minitruck
Being the first year for Sport Truck and Mini Truckin' magazines' joint effort at hosting a show, we had low expectations. The turnout was better than expected, even with the relatively mild amount of media exposure the event garnered beforehand. If the buzz of the crowd in attendance was a barometer of the show's success, then there's good reason to attend next year as this event blows up like it should.
We'd like to thank the sponsors, including Chevy Trucks, Toyo Tires, J.C. Whitney, LMC Truck, Aim Industries, Vortex Spray-On Liners, BTW, Stylin' Concepts, RBP Diesel Performance, and especially Eddie Cebreco and the guys from Subculture for making sure the bikini contest and judging went smoothly. See ya next year!
Photo 5/55   |   havoc 2005 Custom Truck Show custom Graphics
Best Of Show:
Chico, '88 Mitsubishi pickup
Best Paint:
Shawn Byrd, '03 GMC Sierra
Best Graphics:
Richard Flowers, '97 Nissan Hardbody
Best Interior:
Rick Spade, '01 Ford Excursion
Best Engineered:
Shawn, Plane Jane, '90 Mazda B2200
Best Undercarriage:
Bill Gaines, '95 Chevrolet fullsize Sportside
Photo 6/55   |   havoc 2005 Custom Truck Show custom Chevy Truck
Best Engine:
Ray Sivis, '71 Chevy C10
Best Specialty:
Kim Sharpe, '05 Pink Scion
Best MT Cover Truck:
Chris Starr, Mazda extended-cab longbed
Best Under Construction Mini:
Allen Williams, '86 Nissan 720
Best Under Construction Sport Truck:
Bryan Cole, '89 Chevrolet
Photo 7/55   |   havoc 2005 Custom Truck Show custom Truck Bed
Mini Mild
1st - Jason Dunlap - '02 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab
2nd - Travis Birchfield - '92 Toyota Pickup
3rd - Mike Wood - '00 Chevrolet S-10
Mini Semi
1st - Chris Dyer - '91 Nissan Hardbody
2nd - Scott Walker - '97 GMC Sonoma
3rd - Dan and Rebecca Namaiandeh - '01 Toyota Tacoma Xtracab
Mini Wild
1st - Shannon Tayletz - '00 Chevrolet S-10
2nd - Jeff Helms - '88 Chevrolet S15
3rd - Scott Auterson - '94 Toyota 2WD Pickup
Photo 8/55   |   havoc 2005 Custom Truck Show custom Ford Ranger
Fullsize Mild
1st - Tod Bishop - '04 Ford F-150
2nd - Rob Clifford - '99 GMC Sierra
3rd - Randy Hoggard - '97 Chevy C1500
Fullsize Semi
1st - Chris Tetzlaff - '99 Dodge Ram
2nd - Matt Miller - '92 Chevy 1500 Stepside
3rd - J.R. Machowick - '02 GMC Dualie
Fullsize Wild
1st - Mike Rovansek - '92 Chevy Dualie
2nd - Lee Keathley - '03 Dodge Ram
3rd - Wilfred Ward - '00 C3500
Photo 9/55   |   havoc 2005 Custom Truck Show mini Truck
Lifted (2WD or 4WD)
1st - Colin Thacker - '90 Chevrolet C1500
2nd - Jeff Cooper - '99 Ford F-350
3rd - Steve Cline - '96 Chevrolet Z71
Classic Truck
1st - Tim Christian - '67 GMC
2nd - Amanda Jones - '54 Ford F-100
3rd - Danny Waller - '72 C10 Truck
SUV Mild
1st - Rob Hohlt - '02 Chevy Extreme Blazer
2nd - Richard Flowers - '95 Chevy Tahoe
3rd - n/a
Photo 10/55   |   havoc 2005 Custom Truck Show suicide Doors
SUV Semi
1st - John Schuler - '01 Chevy Blazer
2nd - Donny Hill - Ford Expedition
3rd - Chris Smith - '97 Ford Explorer
SUV Wild
1st - Jason Moellering - '87 Chevy Suburban
2nd - Ross Stogdale - '96 Chevy Tahoe
3rd - John Arnold - '91 Toyota 4Runner



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