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  • Slam Jam 2005 - Custom Truck Show

Slam Jam 2005 - Custom Truck Show

Properly Grounded Celebrates One Full Decade

Mike Alexander
Jan 1, 2006
Photographers: Mike Alexander
Photo 2/32   |   Brad from Concrete Videos says, "Please buy this DVD. I really need to finish my damn truck!"
Properly Grounded began as a small mini-truck club in 1993. After branching out and accepting more than just custom minis, the second year came around, and the members decided to put on a show. Well, anyone out there who has ever tried to put on a show knows exactly how this story goes. It didn't start off as easy as it sounded, but the Properly Grounded members are a dedicated group and they give all they can to the scene and the lifestyle. That said, 10 years later, they're still going strong and celebrating making it through an entire decade. That says a lot for a show as well as for the club hosting the event.
Photo 3/32   |   slam Jam 2005 lifted And Lowered Truck
We couldn't let them have all the fun without us, so we hopped on a plane and made the trip to Medina, Ohio, to celebrate 10 years right alongside them and to cover one killer show - a show that included the wild 100 Feet of Chaos (brought to you by CNAC Customs). The 100 Feet of Chaos is a section in the cruising lanes which, if you go through it, you had better drag it, burn 'em, hop 'em, three-wheel it, or dog leg - just be sure to do something! So needless to say, this is where we spent most of our time. It's awesome when shows are this organized and allow on-site cruisin' so participants can drive around the show in their rides, watching everything that is going on.
Photo 4/32   |   "Hmmm, now if I could only sing like Britney Spears, I would have it made."
In addition, Slam Jam features a bikini contest, a burnout contest, neon lighting contests, and many other events for the ADD in all of us. The Golf Cart Olympics were also a popular event, allowing a few golf cart owners to show off the tricks they had been practicing in the off-season.
Photo 5/32   |   slam Jam 2005 custom Chevy
Throw in a little draggin' after the show, and it's easy to see why Slam Jam has been added to the list of must-attends. This year brought out 700-plus vehicles and more than 3,500 spectators. No matter what you have to do (beg, borrow, or loot) just get there! For more information, check out www.properlygrounded.com.
Of course we had to continue the tradition of going out on the town for a little draggin'. Each time we go out, the crowds get bigger and bigger, which makes it that much more likely we're going to get busted. And sure enough, Ohio's finest flashed right through the drag session for a photo op of their own.



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