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  • 2005 Relaxed Atmosphere All Star Event - Custom Truck Show

2005 Relaxed Atmosphere All Star Event - Custom Truck Show

Millington's Own Personal Drag Session

Chad Lucas
Mar 1, 2006
Photographers: Mike Alexander, Chad Lucas
Photo 2/33   |   all Star Event 2005 show Logo
Well, the Relaxed All Star Event started off shaky for some of us. Luckily for the show's participants, all was well with the Relaxed Atmosphere crew. Yours truly missed his flight, while the other half of Mini Truckin' was well on his way to the Promised Land. Problem being there was a ride set to pick us up, but now Captain Nevaontime was going to be stuck at the airport. With a quick flip of the Motorola, a phone call was made and a spot was secured on my boy Gooch's bed floor. Despite my bad back and bad knees, I knew this was my only option. Dragging coverage, feature shoots, and partying had to be done. I knew that once I got a little liquid thunder under my belt, all would be good.
Photo 3/33   |   The ex-Wal-Mart parking lot was battered all weekend long.
After three hours of rapid weather changes, eating chicken strips, and putting on all of my snowboarding gear just to stay luke warm, we were in Millington, Tennessee. The former Wal-Mart parking lot was already being molested by the road-weary showgoers.
Photo 4/33   |   RA from all over the country made it out to Tennessee this year.
From what we hear, all baby powder in the town was sold out due to the abundance of powder-flavored West Coast Welcomes (saying hi with a hefty slap to the side of the face complete with baby powder). Ashy cheeks weren't the only things on order, as this years All Star Event continued to flourish despite hardships in the South due to rising waters.
Photo 5/33   |   all Star Event 2005 dragging
Saturday morning of the show started early (we're told), and the location couldn't have been more picturesque. USA Stadium had grass head to toe and a small pond with floating trees. The vehicles were topnotch, as you would expect at a show run by the Relaxed crew.
Photo 6/33   |   all Star Event 2005 custom Truck
All of your favorite mini-truck personalities were posted up on the dunk tank for auction which was used to support fellow mini-truckers that had been ravaged in the Dirty South. As a goodwill gesture, T.C. from Mini Madness offered to double the pot and help people get their lives back on track.
Photo 7/33   |   "NATAMATO!!!!" says the pimp slappin' ruffian.
Saturday night and back to the Wal-Mart parking lot we went. This was the designated dragstrip and party central. The local po-pos were on hand to check out the festivities, and we're pretty sure they had as good a time as the rest of us. The horseplay went late in the night as everyone was preparing to sleep in the next day.
Photo 8/33   |   We don't care what anyone says, this was the sight to see at the All Star Event.
Sunday was host to one of the best trophy ceremonies we've ever been witness to. The club trophy was decided by sitting random people at a table with warm root beer and a tub of ice cream. The object was to finish the supplied goods and then run around the bases of the stadium. At third base they had to grab a bottle of cleaner and book it to home plate. To say the end was a photo finish would be an understatement. One of the fighting sprinters ate third base and crashed to the ground. He was back up quick but lost his chance for the club trophy.
Photo 9/33   |   all Star Event 2005 cool Flame Job
The Relaxed crew would like to thank Drop Em Wear, Gravity Werx, Kustomwerx, MA Audio, Memphis Audio, Silverstar Customs, John at USA Stadium, Wicked Kustoms, and anyone else who put their two cents in or was there to support. For more information on next year's show, check out


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