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  • Southeast Showdown 2005 - Custom Truck Show

Southeast Showdown 2005 - Custom Truck Show

What's the Weather, Ya Say?

Joe Greeves
Jun 1, 2006
Photographers: Joe Greeves
Photo 2/21   |   southeast Showdown 2005 custom Flames
Nothing gives show promoters more concern than weather. You can travel the country throughout the year telling people about your event, you can list it in the calendar section of all the right magazines, and you can choose the perfect location. But all it takes is one little hurricane to ruin everything!
Photo 3/21   |   southeast Showdown 2005 two Toned Mini
Jon and Allison Fulmer are pleased to report that not a single hurricane was brewing for this year's Southeast Showdown. Last year, a dozen major storms blasted the East Coast and one came dangerously close to their Anderson, South Carolina, location, skirting the area by a narrow margin on the weekend of the show. Although it didn't actually hit, the storm threat was enough to keep most truckers at home with their vehicles secured safely in the garage. This year it was a different story entirely. Without so much as a cloud in the sky, everyone enjoyed the weekend party, which saw seventy-four different clubs representing at the Showdown. And quite a party it was! Both Jon and Allison are active in the sport. Both have had vehicles on the covers of major magazines, and they do much of their own work. It's safe to say they know what it takes to put on a mini-truckin' good time, assembling a collection of vendors, activities, prizes, and trophies to ensure this year's event would be a memorable one. Acrophobia club members also pitched in, arriving early from Florida, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia to handle judging and assist with the show.
Photo 4/21   |   Trucks from team Pro Hopper and team Dirty South spent most of their time off the ground.
In addition to checking out the great collection of trucks, there were lots of activities to keep you busy. Rodger's Stereo handled the stereo competition, recognizing the top SPL winners with trophies at the Sunday award ceremony. T&D Hydraulics officiated at the hydraulic competition and well-known East Coast names, like Jamie Cici and Davy Neuman, were in charge of thrashin' and bashin' for the crowd. High-flying trucks were bouncing everywhere, with Cici's Southern Star Mazda hopper reaching 62 inches! Hydro class winners were glad they came, especially when it was time to accept the $2,000 in prize money. Jamie Kelly, with his radical S-10 bed dancer, combined amazing structural engineering with music and fireworks, doing his part to entertain the audience.
Photo 5/21   |   southeast Showdown 2005 custom Truck
The after-party on Saturday night at Twisted Metal entertained on a whole different level. For $15 you got all the beer you could drink, along with a perfect location to practice your railin' technique. The late-night draggin' activity sent sparks flying, and much of the asphalt around the shop was gone by morning. The Sunday afternoon Bikini contest (sponsored by Tint-Plus) drew a huge crowd, with gorgeous Jamie Hurlong receiving $100 for her charms. The awards ceremony connected more than 200 trophies with new owners. Congratulations to Pebble Pushers for their Club Participation award and $500 check. The Editor's Choice award went to David "Garbage" Hasty's '99 GMC Sonoma. Even though this ride is still technically under construction, there were so many neat features (like the chrome TPI engine from a '92 Camaro) that we can't wait to see this one finished. Get fired up, Dave! We want to shoot ya. If you'd like to be part of next year's event, the dates are July 21-23, 2006, and the Ramada host hotel has already reserved all their rooms for this event. If you'd like more information, get the details at Jon and Allison would like to extend a special thanks to Allgood Wheels and Tires for their help in making the show possible.


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