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  • Resolutions 2006 - Custom Truck Show

Resolutions 2006 - Custom Truck Show

30 Years In The Making And Still Kickin'

Kevin Aguilar
Jun 1, 2006
Photographers: Kevin Aguilar
Photo 2/36   |   resolutions 2006 lowered Truck
Resolutions has been kicking around for a few decades now. This three-day run that usually takes place before or during the New Year has a long history in the Southern California show scene. That may be for the simple reason that you get to camp, hang with friends, and party all night. But, whatever your reasons for going, you're bound to have a good time, especially if you get to witness or participate in the crazy activities after the show hours.
Photo 3/36   |   resolutions 2006 lowered Mini
Although the venue for the show has changed several times, they have picked a winner with the new grounds. Last year's show was the first to be held in this new location. Though the Colorado River Fairgrounds in Blythe, California, is a distance for some enthusiasts from the Los Angeles area, it is a central point between California, Nevada, and Arizona. And because it brings a crowd from all those areas, you get to see trucks you've only seen pictures of on the web.
Photo 4/36   |   resolutions 2006 lifted Truck
Despite the fact that it is one of the last-standing runs in the area, it still hits hard and gathers some of the best vehicles around. And we're not talking about your normal count of under-construction vehicles or aisles of Lambo doors. There were some of the major players there with fully finished rides that we were in awe of. Everything worth seeing was piled inside the circle track, and it was overflowing with quality rides. It felt slightly nostalgic to see an older show bring it like it was back in the day when three-day runs dominated the scene.
On that Friday, people started showing up and the run began. Many participants arrived that day and stayed the night. Then, on the following morning, it was show time, and all the entrants cruised into the center of the circle track and prepared for the show. The show went on for the better part of the day, and afterward, it was on like Donkey Kong. It was time to down your brew and party like the world was ending, or at least like it was the end of the 2005 year.
Photo 5/36   |   resolutions 2006 custom Interior
In the past, Reso is known to be a good show but the kind you went to and froze your ass off at night. Since it's always in the desert, in the winter it can get mighty cold out there. We have heard many a story of how shockingly cold it has been at past shows. Anything from freezing temps, rain, wind, and snow to just flat-out miserable weather could be expected. But, like the Postal Service, nothing can stop this show from going on. No matter what, folks just keep showing up and participating, year after year.
This year's show was more rewarding than those of the past. The weather was decent, there was a good amount of people, and the rides were worth seeing. It made for one of the coolest shows yet and proved to be more kick-ass than ever.


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