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11th Annual Showfest 2006

Rental Cars, the Band, Elvis, and Yellow Water

Chad Lucas
Aug 23, 2006
Photographers: Mike Alexander, Chad Lucas
Well, this year's Showfest (on the weekend of May 19-21) got off to a very different start for us. Mike and I have driven to Greenville with the IF cruise, but this year we opted to fly due to time constraints. I guess we thought that this would cut down on the off-the-wall stories and strange mishaps that seem to occur on the way to our favorite town of the dirty, dirty South: Greenville. This couldn't be more incorrect. This year was stranger than most.
Heading off on our trip, we cruised to LAX with three other homies that were also down to cruise all the way to G-ville at a comfortable 30,000 feet. To start with, an unnamed airline decided to let our plane fall apart and strand us in the City of Angels for an additional nine hours. Instead of people-watching or sitting in the bar, we decided to rent a car and cruise back to our boy Brian's house. While taking the shuttle to the rental car station our group was accused of being a band. The driver, an overanxious, well-fed African American woman, was trying to convince the rest of the soon-to-be renters how famous we were. After everyone but us had exited the shuttle, the driver slammed the doors and demanded our autographs. Supposedly I gave away the big secret because I always have that backwards hat. Our fiend Ryan didn't help the situation with his fancy glasses. We proceeded to lay down the ink with our most creative and spontaneous nicknames, after which we proceeded to rent a car.
After we killed nine hours we boarded the plane and proceeded to get the worst couple hours of sleep that you could possibly imagine. It's a good thing that we had the drink tickets that were given to us for a different airline. Some hours later we had arrived at our first destination: Memphis, Tennessee. Why Memphis, you ask? Why, Elvis, of course. Graceland was our warm-up for the party that waited. After getting our fix of sideburns, shag, and gold records, ghost-riding the whip in Greenville was next on the list.
As we got close we could smell the freshly ground pavement. Assorted's Showfest has always been a hardcore venue for mini-truck self-expression. The streets were lined with spectators vying for a look at the hottest rides that this country has to offer. The collective mini-truck community didn't disappoint, as the locals got taught lessons on what cool is.
Showfest was as big as it's ever been, showcasing 700 rides and some 10,000 spectators. DIB brought out their freshly painted Hardbody laying body on 22's, continuing Showfest's amazing ability to debut the most hardcore mini's in the country.
The weather this year was beyond perfect, with the rain and wind taking a long overdue vacation from Greenville. The nightlife, as always, was second to none, with dragging, women, and chopping it up all present. Driveway Werks was in full effect with a couple of their soon-to-be-done extreme mini's, including their Mitsubishi with a turbocharged motor.
Assorted would like to thank all of the mini-truckers that came to support their beloved event. They would like to let you know that next year the show will be moving to more desired surroundings - that is still up for debate. For information on next year's show, check out for constant updates. The heart and strength of Showfest will continue as long as we mini-truckers give them our undying allegiance.


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