Show Name: Layed Out at the Park
Dates: April 8-9, 2006
Venue: Cherokee Park / Morristown, Tennessee
Spectator Attendance: More than 4,000
Total Vehicle Entrants: 517

Special Awards Given: Five-foot First Place trophies, 6-foot specialties, and 8-foot best car/truck

Fast Facts: This show was originally held in a local park the first year, but quickly outgrew it and had to move to a new larger location for its second year.

Special Events: World's largest legal drag contest. The police close down a four-lane stretch of road 1-mile long, and showgoers rail as much as five wide for more than five hours. There was also a motorcycle stunt team exhibition, and a demo of Matt's air hopper, where he flipped it three times.

Sponsors: Remax of Marysville, Hard Luck Customz, US Motors of Marysville, The Electronic Connection

Vendors: Drop 'em Wear?, Minitruck Mafia, Hard Luck Customz, So Low, Graphic Disorder, and Hidden Hot Rod Art

Contact for Future Events: Jeffrey Dilliard, (865) 898-4866,