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  • Chevy Truck's HAVOC 2006 - Road Trip

Chevy Truck's HAVOC 2006 - Road Trip

Destination : HAVOC

MT Staff
Jan 1, 2007
Contributors: St Staff
Photographers: Brandon Burrell, Kevin Aguilar
Photo 2/13   |   Traffic bogged down at the interchange, but after that it was smooth sailing once again.
We mini-truckers are rather well known for our crazy road trip adventures to shows across the country. The biggest cross-county trek came from the twisted minds of the dudes over at IF Customs, who organized the cruise to Greenville year after year. Well, that dream is no longer, so Destination: HAVOC picked up where they left off. We almost made the drive all the way from sunny Southern Cali to Louisville, Kentucky - which is about as crazy as it gets! But, as you know, things never go as planned, so we ended up catching up with the cruise to Havoc from another coast, the 3rd coast: Texas.
With a flick of our phone-dialing finger, we got on board with Bill, Mitch, and our boys from Ekstensive Metalworks to drive from their shop in Texas all the way to Louisville. But that wouldn't be enough for what's becoming one of the highest-quality shows in the country. So we had to see what was happening down in Florida. Our other buddies Jimmy and Will over at Scrapin' Customs (SNC) teamed up to make the cruise to Louisville up from Florida. It took just a few phone calls to pull vehicles from different parts of the country and dominate the highways leading into Louisville.
The leg of the cruise coming in from Texas with the Ekstensive crew was photographed by Sport Truck Feature Editor Kevin Aguilar, and the other leg with the SNC crew from Florida was shot by MT contributor Brandon Burrell. They were all headed to the same destination but started from a completely different area of the country. There were also smaller groups that came from far-off locales like Canada and New York. Together, we roamed though the states letting people know that we were out to cause some havoc.
Photo 3/13   |   Once everyone was on their way up to HAVOC, it was time to set the cruise control and enjoy the open road.
When everyone got into town, we were happy to arrive there safely and timely without any major breakdowns or setbacks. The second year of the show seemed to get even better than the first and kicked ass with the most high-quality vehicles to be seen anywhere, and that made everyone's trip worthwhile. If all goes well, the cruises next year will be expanding, just like the success of the show. For more information, be on the lookout at www.minitruckinweb.com.



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