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  • Chevy Truck's Havoc 2006 - Custom Truck Show

Chevy Truck's Havoc 2006 - Custom Truck Show

Brought To You By Mini Truckin' And Sport Truck Magazines

MT Staff
Jan 1, 2007
Contributors: St Staff
Photographers: Mike Alexander
Photo 2/27   |   havoc 2006 custom Green Truck
Last summer's show season brought with it a brand new event to add to the mix. That show has been dubbed HAVOC, and it has absolutely lived up to its name. The concept was to throw a show the way we magazine editors would like it done, and with that the brainstorming began. With Eddy Cebreco at the reins and everyone's ideas flowing, HAVOC's first year was such a success that we were able to double our space for the second year!
The second annual Chevy Truck's HAVOC Show, presented by Mini Truckin' and Sport Truck magazines, kicked off bright and early August 4, 2006, at the Century International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky. With more enthusiasm for setup than we've ever seen, tons of cover and feature truck owners and vendors alike arrived early Friday to set-up their spots for the weekend's action.
Our second go at a show and it was already making a name for itself. CCE and Psycho Pneumatics sponsored the show 'n' shine and the indoor location, complete with kick-ass air conditioning and proximity to all the downtown nightlife. These two things alone make this an event that you don't want to miss. You mean there's more? YES! Tons more! To get things rolling, Gauge came out with their crazy hopper to wow the crowd. Or how about some legal draggin' down 4th street brought to you by our buddies over at to get the party started? We even spotted Bill from Ekstensive Metalworks draggin' the Hummer body-dropped on 26s. And yes, that's still just getting us warmed up for the nightlife. Downtown 4th Street is one happening little place. Imagine an outside bar/strip mall/bowling alley/Hard Rock Caf and that will give you a little hint of what you might have missed out on if you weren't one of the 4,000 people in attendance.
Photo 3/27   |   havoc 2006 bikini Model
After we woke up and shrugged off the night before, it was time to see what Sunday had in store. As if Saturday's craziness wasn't enough, we threw in a hot bikini contest presented by Godfather Customs. The ladies drew the crowd to the stage and proceeded to heat up the air-conditioned indoor arena, one degree at a time! After the show wrapped up Sunday, it was time for trophies. When it comes to awards HAVOC doesn't skimp out. With cash prizes and tons of special categories, the best of the best come to compete. Best of Show went to Shane Willoughby for his '93 S-10. Mini Truckin' Editor's Choice was handed out to Russell Jones and his '93 S-10, while Mini Truckin's Cover Truck Corral winner was Jenn Lacy for her pink '91 S-10. What a good year for first-gen S-Dimes!
So, just how good was it? Well, we ran out of Mini Trucks Mafia's event T-shirts by Saturday night. In our next story, you'll see the willingness of people to drive days to get there, not wanting to miss out on it all. We had cruises from Florida led by the Scrapin' Customs crew and, and all the way from Texas led by those down-ass fools from Ekstensive Metalworks. Hell, we even had trucks come all the way down from Canada!
We would like to thank all of our awesome sponsors for making this show possible, including: Chevy Trucks, Billet Accessories Direct, CCE/Psycho Pneumatics,, Drop 'Em Wear?, Dukes Trailer Hitches, and Ekstensive Metal-works; Fatman Fab,, Godfather Customs,, Mini Trucks Mafia, SealPak, S-N-C,, Stylin' Concepts, and For more information on HAVOC, visit or e-mail


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