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  • The Big Show 2006 - Custom Truck Show

The Big Show 2006 - Custom Truck Show

North Carolina's Favorite Event Rocks!

Joe Greeves
Jan 1, 2007
Photographers: Joe Greeves
Photo 2/19   |   the Big Show 2006 custom Ford Ranger
Glenn and Mike Pilgreen have been actively producing car and truck shows for the last six years, although they have been involved since they were teenagers and grew up in the car club environment. Both are charter members of Animated Attractions Car Club in Greenville, North Carolina, one of the oldest clubs in the state. Both are living the life and have made their hobby into an occupation. Their company, Drop Jaw Promotions, puts on several shows a year and has a tremendous following.
Photo 3/19   |   Putting the ladies to work judging...very sneaky.
The Big Show, appropriately enough, is one of their biggest shows, now celebrating its third anniversary. This event always attracts a wide audience, because it's designed that way. Whether you're a trucker, import owner, lowrider, or motorcycle rider, the show promoters know what you want and the Big Show delivers. This is their first time in their new venue, the Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, North Carolina, an attraction that's been a favorite of Carolinians for more than three decades. Mike and Glenn teamed up with Steve Earwood, owner of "The Rock," to ensure the weekend was filled with the perfect blend of nonstop automotive entertainment. In addition to the huge collection of vehicles on display throughout the park, spectators also had the option of enjoying Rockingham's fun-runs (open all weekend). Wait 'til judging was done, hop in your show truck, and make a quick pass down Rockingham's famous quarter-mile dragstrip. Lots of truckers spent the afternoon fine-tuning their rides. Unlike other shows, cruisin' the park wasn't prohibited; it was actually encouraged. Rockingham even allowed drivers down the auxiliary road next to the dragstrip so that spectators in the bleachers could see both the strip and the endless parade of custom vehicles. How's that for having it your way? Sit back and watch the truck show as it comes to you!
Photo 4/19   |   A little eye candy never hurt anyone.
The Sound-Off Contest, sponsored by Ocean Audio and Video, gave the stereophiles an opportunity to "Hit It Till It Hertz" with classes for SPL, video, and Best Install. The big-inch horsepower guys entertained the crowd in the Burnout Contest, sending up clouds of smoke and scattering rubber dust everywhere. The afternoon and evening Railin' Runs fired the enthusiasm of the group as mini-truckers converted significant portions of their undercarriages into a shower of sparks just for fun. The evening entertainment at a Drop Jaw show is legendary and guaranteed to make the weekend a memorable one. The Banana-Eating Contest for the ladies got things started, with the winner earning a quick $50. About the time for the Bikini Contest and traditional Wet T-Shirt Contest, Mother Nature intervened and a heavy downpour cut the traditional Saturday night activities, sending most folks home early. Although the rain may have curtailed one event, it also created another thanks to a huge shallow lake in the display area the next morning. Naturally, it became a great source of fun as truckers rolled through at varying rates of speed and altitude. The Vault power drink distributor was also a big hit, parking his custom-painted delivery truck nearby and handing out free drinks to cruisers and puddle-hoppers alike.
The awards ceremony had a collection of trophies that lined the stage three rows deep. More than 400 drivers took home reminders of the Rockingham fun weekend. Carlos Lockamy captured overall Best of Show with his beautiful silver '68 Chevy (body-dropped, 'bagged, shaved, and loaded with stereo). If you'd like to learn more about the Big Show, check out the Web site for details about next year's event.


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