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  • 17th Annual Canadian Truck Nationals - Custom Truck Show

17th Annual Canadian Truck Nationals - Custom Truck Show

Good Times in Canada

Billy Cabral
Apr 1, 2007
Photographers: Billy Cabral
Photo 11/21   |   Guaranteed picture in MT mag. An old-school sticker in another country, very cool!
As you know, unless you've been living under a rock, Mini Truckin' has been bringing you the most show coverage from around the globe. So, it's no wonder we would bring you the 17th annual Canadian Truck Nationals from the Western Fair Event Centre in London, Ontario Canada.
The trip started twelve hours away in Long Island, New York. Like most runs getting out of the city, "that's Manhattan for the rest of the world" it's a hit or miss. It takes thirty minutes to get there, as the crow flys, but sometimes from two to four hours just to get out. Traffic, you have to love it. Our trip would take us though Jersey, Pennsylvania, and then back to New York. Thats because we had to pick up some fireworks in Pennsylvania. We hit the Black Cats store, and like always, we said we were only going to buy a couple of small things, but we ended up leaving an hour later and two hundred dollars lighter; but what's a road trip without fireworks?
We rock 'n' rolled our way across the border and made a stop at Niagara Falls. It was a short stop, but a must when going across the border. Now we had to double-time it to meet up with our Canuck buddies from the Midnight Creations crew, who really took care of us all weekend and showed us the hot spots. For those who don't know these Canadians like to drag: Eh'.
Photo 12/21   |   17th Annual Canadian Truck Nationals custom Mini Truck
The show started Saturday with a real laid-back feel and a kickass show field that had plenty of shade to keep out of the super-hot sun. The Truck Nats had everything, from American muscle to our beloved minis. We walked and mingled with the locals, and the Canadians are wicked friendly. We spent most of the day kicking back and forth the differences of everything from our truck scene to how our money looked. If talking wasn't your thing, you could hit the slots at the casino which was only a walk away. There was also a hop-off contest, just to keep everyone entertained who wanted to keep some of that hard- earned cash in their pockets.
As Saturday drew to a close, it was time to get back to the hotel and get ready for Crabby Joes. Crabby Joes is where it's at for the local drag session. Both sides of the streets were crowded with people just trying to get a glimpse of some heavy dragging action. Then, of course, some hot-rod Acura owner had to do a burn out in front of the cops and ruin it for all of us.
After a long night of heavy dragging and good times, we welcomed a quiet, Sunday morning. Sunday's portion of the show brought out more trucks, the bikini contest, and a ton of give aways, all day long. In the spirit of free give aways, we decided that we wanted to give back to the minitruckers who tore their trucks up just to give us some killer show coverage. Thanks to our friends at Precision Autoworks, who gave away two, brand-new Low Life Barrachos DVDs. It's always great to meet new people and to have a great time on common ground. That's why we love this lifestyle. So, maybe we'll see some more action next year, Eh'?


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