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  • Midnight Fantasies' Lake Front Tour 2006 - Custom Truck Show

Midnight Fantasies' Lake Front Tour 2006 - Custom Truck Show

Going Down in the Bayou

Mike Alexander
May 1, 2007
Contributors: Jennie Hendrex
Photographers: Jennie Hendrex
Photo 5/17   |   lake Front Tour 2006 custom Truck
Knowing many of the show promoters, we often hear horror stories of hardships people had to endure to keep shows thriving strong. Some don't realize just how hard it is to put on a show. In fact, if you asked around, most of people would answer the same way, if you asked them to throw a show: no thanks! One of the toughest things to deal with is natural disasters, as these are out of your control. Well, Roger Miller and the entire Midnight Fantasies' Lake Front Tour crew survived not one, but two major hurricanes in a single year, and they still had one of the strongest turnouts and quality in attendance we have seen.
This year's event finally brought this show back to its home base at the Convention Center, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. And, its original, two-day venue-after mother nature forced this hard-hitter down- soon became a one-day event in a different location in Sulfur, last summer. And, yet again, mother nature made a special appearance when she dumped a blanket of rain on everyone, all of Saturday and most of Sunday. Still, it only dampened the grounds, and not the spirit of the show or its loyal attendees.
The vendors and clubs represented this year showed us quickly how much resilience this show has had. Such minitrucker friendly vendors like Mind to Metal, Ekstensive Metalworks, Kustomz Ink Klothing, and Drop 'Em Wear? all came out to offer their latest creations and threads to entice additional attendance. Hard-hitting clubs like Erratic, Severed Ties, Negative Camber, and Erratic came out in full force to show off the trucks they've worked hard on, year after year. There was definitely enough going on to keep us all very busy. But, beyond the busy, we were proud. Proud to know we're a family of minitruckers supporting a show we loved. A family like that is the best family you can be a part of outside of your own...hands down.
We're proud to report hurricanes Katrina and Rita may have hurt this show's game plan last year, but it never put a damper on its spirit, determination, or stride. Mark your calendars for Midnight Fantasies' Lake Front Tour 2007. For information, contact Roger Miller at (337) 263-0655, or visit the website www.midnight-fantasies.com. Shine them up, drag them out, and we'll see you next September at the Lake Front!



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