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  • Nascar Race Schedule - The Tundra Is Kicking Butt - Front Page

Nascar Race Schedule - The Tundra Is Kicking Butt - Front Page

Courtesy of Toyota Motorsports
Mar 1, 2008
Photographers: Courtesy of Toyota Motorsports
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Nascar Craftsman Truck Series Race Schedule
Feb. 15 {{{Daytona}}}
Feb. 23 California
Mar. 7 Atlanta
Mar. 29 Martinsville
Apr. 26 Kansas
May 16 Charlotte
May 24 Mansfield
May 30 Dover
June 6 Texas
June 14 Michigan
June 20 Milwaukee
June 28 Memphis
July 12 Kentucky
July 25 O'Reilly Raceway Park (ORP)
Aug. 9 Nashville
Aug. 20 Bristol
Sept. 6 Gateway
Sept. 13 New Hampshire
Sept. 20 Las Vegas
Oct. 4 Talladega
Oct. 18 Martinsville
Oct. 25 Atlanta
Oct. 31 Texas
Nov. 7 Phoenix
Nov. 14 Homestead-Miami
10 Mostly Worthless Facts
1 In 1976, Ford offered a dual-displacement engine that was changeable from a six-cylinder to three-cylinder when cruising at highway speeds for better fuel economy. Put that in your hybrid pipe and smoke it!
2 did you know that monster truck tires are 66 inches tall and 43 inches wide? We wonder how much lift it would take to fit those on an S-10.
3 The change from F-1 to F-100 happened in the same year as Ford's golden anniversary, 1953
4 According to, you can remove grease from clothes by adding a can of Coke when you run the washing machine.
5 The same site also says easy-Off oven cleaner will remove oil stains from the driveway.
6 Chevy's 4L60e transmission isn't just a random number: 4 = four forward speeds, L = longitudinally mounted, 60 = relative torque handling capacity, e = electronically controlled.
7 A pound of potato chips costs 200 times more than a pound of potatoes. That sour cream and onion powder must be made of gold!
8 The first factory-assembled pickup was called the Ford Model T Runabout with Pickup Body. it debuted in 1925 and sold for $281.
9 An airbag moves as much as 4,500 mph with a force of 200 Gs. That's a lot of force just to save your face.
10 in Ventura County, California, cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permit. How much does that permit cost?
Say What?The staff speaks and you listen. it's that simple. This month's question is:
MiKe: Jeff davy of devious Customs fame had this crew-cab dualie that he wanted to bodydrop. We spent a lot of late nights working on it together. One night, i was cutting and welding the bed floor back together (with the proper eye protection i might add) and ended up taking some metal right in the ol' eyeball. it didn't happen while i was working on the truck though. We quit working rather late, and i crashed at his house. i was covered in metal shavings and used the air compressor in the shop to clean my clothes off. i guess i didn't get everything off because while taking a shower later that night i washed some metal that was stuck in my hair right into my eye. i thought it would wash out, but it didn't. Since i was so tired, i went to sleep anyway, figuring that i could deal with it the next day. i woke up the next morning with a migraine and blurred vision. i ended up having to see an optometrist, who used a small drill to get the metal out of my eyeball. it wasn't the most painful injury i've ever had working on a truck, but it was certainly the scariest injury because it really made me think about how crappy it would be to lose my sight.
Calin: i was in the military at the time, and I had to drop a transmission out of a deuce-anda- half truck. These transmissions were way too heavy to just muscle down, and we didn't have those cool tranny jacks you see today. i had to use a come-along hanging from a bar spanned across the back and front windows inside the cab. After unbolting the trans, i was dropping it down with the come-along, click by click, when i had to stop to position the rolling cart underneath the tranny. i pushed the handle of the come-along down to lock it in position as i climbed out of the truck when the handle let loose of the lock mechanism and smacked me in the jaw. The force was enough to send me flying off of the truck and onto my back on the ground. it had to look like a scene from a movie. Luckily, all that force didn't bust my jaw. instead, it chipped my tooth. My face swelled up like a chipmunk, and i was on a liquid diet for almost a month. i still have a chip missing from my tooth that reminds me every day to inspect tools before i use them.
Galen: i am going to have to start this off with the disappointing fact that i have never maimed myself nor cut off any limbs or even cut myself, almost bleeding to death-i'll leave that for the guys that wear their sister's pants. i have had the typical wrench slips, where you're putting so much force on a wrench that when you do slip off limbs go numb. i would have to say the worst injury that i have received is when i worked at Suspension dimension. I was welding for what seemed like forever, and i ended up getting sunburned by the welder. Both of my arms were so red and hurt to touch; i also had all these little blisters from where the welding slag burned into my arms.
Kevin: i usually practice as many safety rules as i can. in doing so, i have kept most of the battle wounds to a minimum. The worst thing to happen was catching a metal chip in my eye while grinding on some steel. i wear eyeglasses to correct my vision and thought they would protect my eyes. While running to the restroom to flush out my eye, i realized how dumb it was to not wear the proper protection.
Andy: if i really sit down and think about it, i don't really have any good stories about getting physically hurt while working on my vehicles. nah, most of my injuries were emotional. You see, as a kid growing up, most memories i have about that type of stuff is dodging flying wrenches and swear words when my dad was out working on the family car. i learned some killer ninja skills back then. You had to move fast or risk getting a combination wrench impaled in your forehead! i also learned a lot of technical terms while working on the car. My dad's favorite thing to say when something was going bad was cursing out the "friggin engineers" and how they would design something so poorly you had to have a triple-jointed elbow, a team of circus midgets, and a monkey to get at a nut and bolt to take off a water pump. My dad taught me so well that to this day i still call tools by their proper technical names like Friggin' 1/4-inch Socket Wrench or Friggin' 3/16-inch nut driver. i kind of chuckle inside when i hear other people say the names of tools incorrectly. i guess looking back now, i was never really injured by any of this. i call it more of an education. i mean, who else can say his dad taught him ninja skills and awesome technical terms to share with his friends? not to mention all these times i got to spend with my dad.
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