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  • Resolutions #32 (2008) - Custom Truck Show

Resolutions #32 (2008) - Custom Truck Show

Farewell To The Granddaddy Of All Truck Events

Ernie Macias
May 1, 2008
Photographers: Ernie Macias
Yes, the rumors are true. The longest running minitruck show has finally come to an end. Now, pause for a moment and let that sink in. Cry, if you need to shed some tears of remorse. Now, let out a big scream. If you didn't attend this years Resolutions, then you're probably going to hate yourself for the rest of your minitrucker days, because you missed your chance to enjoy the greatest show on earth, hands down.
This year's Resolutions started Monday, December 24th. That's right, Christmas Eve! Fleetwood minis, one of the oldest truck clubs in the nation, rolled in on Christmas Eve and locked down its favorite spot. Not even Sunset, the club which throws the show, rolled in that early. The gates opened at around 1 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, and trucks were already lined up, all the way out to the street. Luckily, we had rolled in on Wednesday and got a great spot to catch all the action and see the trucks rolling. Another of the first groups to roll in deep was the crew from Severed Ties, Texas chapter, that rolled in about 20 trucks on Thursday. Severed Ties would eventually shatter the old Club Participation record, by rolling in more than 130 vehicles at the event. Some of the other highlights included one of the largest shows in Reso's history, a special appearance by Last Look, some old-skool Datsuns, and a Ford Courier that looked like it has been preserved since 1990.
The typical Reso festivities were in full swing. Mad House FX played tunes all weekend and every campsite seemed to have its own party. However, many people said that Friday at this year's show was very calm and quiet. It seemed as though many people just sat by their fires and were sombered by the reality: this would be their last Reso. Saturday night was definitely the highlight of the weekend, as the party didn't stop until the early morning hours. Like always, the show ended with a great awards ceremony and lots of hugs, handshakes, and goodbyes as friends set off on their paths to whereever home may be.
The staff at Mini Truckin' would like to take this opportunity to thank Sunset for all the great shows and wonderful memories.
The Last Show Lowdown
Name: Resolutions #32
Location: Blythe, California
Dates: December 28-30
Total vehicles in attendance: 1,438
Spectator attendance: 9,500
Fast 411:
*Longest held truck run in minitruckin' history.
*Was one of the last remaining truck runs in the world.
*First truck run on a holiday weekend.
*First truck to ever be a four-day and a five-day event.
*Attendance record holder for a three-day camping event.
Show and Shine, State with Mad House FX
Sponsors: Haul Ass The Shop, Grunion Fabrication, Interior Shop, Extreme Audio, Street Rod Factory, Max Springs, Air-Zenith, CK Kustoms, Grant Kustoms, Master Image Customs, Chassis by Aaron, Autocore, Lowlife Video, Mad House FX, Clarion, Ludakrs Kustoms, IF Customs, Fuel Marketing, Go-Ez Customs, Autoi.com, and Leet Auto Design.
Contacts for future events: Bob Hase at (909)590-0785, or bobhase@yahoo.com. Keep an eye out for more events from Bob Hase and the Sunset crew.



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