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  • Pandemonium 2008 - Custom Truck Show

Pandemonium 2008 - Custom Truck Show

Jennie Hendrex
Feb 1, 2009
Photographers: Jennie Hendrex
Photo 2/20   |   pandemonium 2008 Custom Truck Show volkswagon Bug
Pineville, LA
We all know the scenario, car show weekend, lots of friends, lots of trucks, and plenty of good times and fun in the sun. It's all the same right? Wrong! Sometimes a show has a purpose beyond the party that is so profound it brings our minitruckin' family together. BJ Mills of Louisiana Fall Fest fame, decided to put on a new show in 2008 not for the party, not for the fame, but for himself. To get right to it, BJ is very sick. He needs a kidney transplant urgently and all the while he has a beautiful family that needs him to be around for a very long time. With no insurance and mounting medical bills, he had no choice but to turn to his extended family for help.
Held in mid July at the always beautiful Buhlow Lake in Pineville, Louisiana, we knew this event would be another home run. BJ is a true minitrucker and we all know minitruckers throw the best shows! There were plenty of things going on all weekend to keep all in attendance busy. The pepper eating contest made our tongues burn just watching, the on-site camping all weekend was an event in itself, and DJ Get Low provided everyone with some killer tunes all weekend long.
Photo 3/20   |   pandemonium 2008 Custom Truck Show chili Pepper
Temperatures reached 100 degrees at times, but that problem was quickly solved by the show location itself, Buhlow Lake! You could swim, dive, ski, or slide yourself cool all weekend long, free!
Proving that charity for a fellow minitrucker is truly a great cause the folks from Get Stroked held a public auction to help raise even more money for BJ and his family. This touched us deeply and it brought many grown men to tears. Jen and John of put up some awesome items for bid including their custom toilet seats, shift knobs, and bowling pins. Robbie from KEG also threw in two renderings as well. But it was the bidders that really made this event so special. With each item came the same high bidders, each wearing the other out. When we looked at who they were, they were the same people over and over and they came as no surprise. It was minitrucker family! You would see the first bid, from KIK, then Gator Skinz would outbid, followed by Crime Pays Video, and Greg from Scrapin the Coast. Each of them overbidding with a smile, knowing all proceeds were going to BJ and his family. When it was all said and done, over $1,000 had been raised.
Photo 4/20   |   pandemonium 2008 Custom Truck Show pandemonium Sign
BJ Mills and his hard working crew hit another home run and we look forward to next years Pandemonium for more rip-roaring, go kart racing, pepper eating, carnival sliding fun! See ya next year and get better fast BJ, we love you!
Show Lowdown
Name: Pandemonium
Location: Buhlow Lake in Pineville, Louisiana
Dates: July 12-13
Total vehicles in Attendance: 300+
Spectator attendance: 1000+
Photo 5/20   |   Fun for all ages.
Fast 411
* Gator Skinz supplied the awesome event T-shirts with 100 percent of the proceeds going to BJ and his family
* This show was called "Louisiana Fall Fest" but you can't exactly have a Fall Fest in July now can ya?
* A hot pepper eating contest with an actual pinstriped pepper from Get Stroked for the trophy
* On-site camping was definitely "the event" of the weekend
* Off-site go kart racing and carnival sliding
* Public auction sponsored by Get Stroked Pinstriping
Kutting Edge Graphix, Drop 'Em Wear? Clothing, Get Stroked, Puff Daddy Burgers, KIK, Crime Pays Video, Gator Skinz, Advanced Collision Repair
Contact For Future Events, or BJ Mills at (318) 792-9391


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