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  • 2008 Blood Drag West Coast - A New Frontier

2008 Blood Drag West Coast - A New Frontier

Blood Drag Now Dominates On Two Coasts

Kevin Aguilar
Apr 1, 2009
Photographers: Kevin Aguilar
Photo 2/40   |   2008 Blood Drag West Coast truck Show
Though Blood Drag started in West Palm Beach, Florida, as a benefit show, it's turned into a popular event that continues to grow annually. Since February '99, the show has become an East Coast phenomenon that has been known to draw huge crowds of vehicles and spectators. Because of Blood Drag's huge success, word about it spread throughout the rest of the country. During the time that this event had become a premier show, the scene on the West Coast dwindled with shows being cancelled left and right. In this time of despair, club No Regrets wanted to change things with a new event. So, with the help of the original Blood Drag crew, the club got going with plans for a West Coast Blood Drag.
Photo 3/40   |   Keeping with the tradition of a sanctioned Blood Drag show, the American Red Cross was on hand to take donations.
The first thing No Regrets club members decided on was a time at which to hold the show. Since nothing was really going on this past October in Southern California, that time was chosen. To keep things interesting, they looked into different venues and picked a local Universal Technical Institute facility. Since that particular automotive school is involved in and teaches students how to customize vehicles, it was a good place to host it. Keeping up the tradition of the show, a local blood bank was on site to take donations and officially call it a Blood Drag event. In the end, this was a fresh approach to throwing a show in this area, and hopefully word will spread so it too can grow.
The 411
Show name:
Blood Drag West Coast
October 12, 2008
Photo 4/40   |   2008 Blood Drag West Coast blood Drive
Venue (City/State):
Universal Technical Institute, Rancho Cucamonga, California
Spectator Attendance:
Unknown; show was free for spectators
Total Vehicle Entrants:
Awards Given:
Owners of winning vehicles received custom acrylic trophies that had the show name and award printed on them. Best of Show categories included best truck, car, audio/video, graphics, engine, interior, paint, lifted suspension, and lowered suspension. The No Regrets Club Pick went to Chris Couto for his '63 Chevy C10, while the California Cruisers Club Pick went to Art Sanchez for his '03 Chevy Silverado. Club Participation went to Severed Ties who had a whole gang of members present.
Special Events:
Since the show was in the school parking lot, things were toned down and it was primarily just a show and shine. If you were feeling froggy, you could have scored some free cookies by donating some valuable blood to those in need.
Classic Parts Depot, Devious Customs, Diesel Gear, Draggers Inc., GO-EZ Customs, Grommet Industries, Kinetik Audio, Ludikrs Kustoms, and Universal Technical Institute
Contact For Future Events:
myspace.com/blooddrag, blooddrag1@yahoo.com



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