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  • 2008 Heritage 2K8 - Custom Truck Show

2008 Heritage 2K8 - Custom Truck Show

Brandon Burrell
Jun 1, 2009
Photographers: Brandon Burrell
Photo 2/25   |   2008 Heritage 2k8 Custom Truck Show convertible Truck
When Hurricane Ike decided to hit the coast of Texas, gas production was highly affected, mostly to those of us on the east coast.
This year's Heritage show in Whitesburg, KY just happened to fall a few days after Ike tore through the Texas coast. You're probably thinking, "Kentucky is nowhere near Texas". You're right, but the gas pipelines that feed the East Coast all run from Texas. I personally couldn't find any gas before I left town and luckily had plenty and knew I could make it to the show. At that point I wasn't sure about getting home, but I knew I could make it there and I didn't want to miss this event. Once in Whitesburg, the story was still the same, no gas at any of the four stations in town. Everyone made it a point to fill-up just so they could get home which in turn caused every station to run out of gas. On the bright side of things, this gas scare didn't affect the turnout at all. What it did allow, was a well-lit location under one of the empty gas stations canopies to set up a few games of Corn Hole, which kept everyone busy throughout both nights.
Once at the show, which was held within walking distance from the main hotel, it turned out to be a perfect weekend. Plenty of nice vehicles to drool over, warm sunny weather, and even a few vendors selling product, all kept everyone busy throughout the weekend. Friday night was home to its annual police led cruise and drag through downtown, complete with a burnout contest on Main Street. Saturday night also had its share of entertainment. Everyone made their way back downtown where dragging was heavy both directions through all downtown streets. There was even a wild bed dancing show complete with fire and explosions.
Photo 3/25   |   2008 Heritage 2k8 Custom Truck Show minitruck
Check out the Lowdown for all the pertinent info and to find out about the 2009 event. If you're into minitrucks shows thrown by minitruckers in a small town that lets you drag at will, this is one show you don't want to miss!
The Show Lowdown
Name: Heritage 2K8
Location: Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation in Whitesburg, Kentucky
Dates: September 12-14
Total Vehicles in Attendance: more than 250
Spectator Attendance: more than 5,000
Fast 411:
* Drag anywhere in town
* Citywide speaker system for tunes sponsored by the Mayor's office
* Entrants from 15 states, as far away as Maryland and Missouri
* Spectators are always free, and entries are cheap
* Minitruckers putting on a show for other minitruckers, to keep the scene growing
* All judging handled by Ground Level out of London, Kentucky
Photo 4/25   |   2008 Heritage 2k8 Custom Truck Show custom Red Truck
* Police Escorted Rail N' Cruise on Friday night all around town
* Lowest Truck Limbo on Sunday
* Bed Dancing Exhibition by Jamie Kelly's Schizophrenia
* Drag Contest is tallied from dragging all over town, all weekend long
* Sanctioned staged burnouts on Friday Night
* Community Trust Bank, Whitaker Bank, People's Bank and Trust, Parkway Pharmacy, Graphic Disorder, Letcher County Parks and Rec., Elkhorn Drug, D&S Glass
Special Thanks:
* MCHC, City of Whitesburg, Letcher County Fiscal Court, and Kentucky State Police, Heritage Volunteer Staff
* Dropjaw Magazine, Drop `EmWear?, ICUTUSTICK, Sikness Video, Pinstriping by Kevin Geary, Specktacular Graphics, and John's HotRod Parts
Contact for future Events:
Lee M. Caudill email: or


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