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  • 2008 Scr8pfest XI - Custom Truck Show

2008 Scr8pfest XI - Custom Truck Show

Bring Quality Rides To The Hometown Of NASCAR

Jun 1, 2009
Photo 2/18   |   2008 Scr8pfest Xi Custom Truck Show custom Truck
With this year's event marking their 11th year and the fact that the club hosting the show, Pebble Pushers, was a previous Mini Truckin' Club of the Year winner, we knew this was a show we just couldn't miss.
This is one of those shows that no matter the weather or economic problems, it's going to draw not only a huge crowd, but some of the highest quality rides around. This year, there were even a few vehicles that made the trek from the US Virgin Islands to not only came out and show, but they also took home some of the Best Of awards. Being the Pebble Pushers are known for their dragging contest and club games, this is one area that they didn't skimp out on.
Photo 3/18   |   2008 Scr8pfest Xi Custom Truck Show concord Motorsport Park
Wanting to do things a little different this year, the Pp crew decided they would take a street rod show approach and give awards to the Top 25 vehicles in the show. These 25 awards were not your typical trophies either, they were custom made billet license plates from Kaik Products that were powdercoated before they were engraved. Picking the top 25 awards was another first for this show. They gave each entrant a judge sheet and told them to pick the top vehicles at the show and turn in the judge sheet. Upon turning in the judge sheet, each person received a free show shirt. By letting the participants choose who they thought should win made everyone get out and walk the show. This gave those that always show up at a show and just sit at their own vehicle all weekend long a good reason to walk around and check out the show. The Pp staff also walked around and picked out the Best Of awards as well as a few special awards that were being given out along with the Top 25 awards. Check out the Show Lowdown for more info on the show and for the 2009 event that is already in the works.
Photo 4/18   |   2008 Scr8pfest Xi Custom Truck Show custom Minitruck
The Show Lowdown
Location: Concord Motorsport Park
Dates: Sept 19-21
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 300
Spectator Attendance: 1,500
Fast 411
* 11 years and going strong
* The 12th annual SCR8PFEST is already scheduled for September 25-27 at Concord Motorsports Park
* Proceeds raised go to St. Judes Children Hospital
* We had a Pebble Pushers choice award made by club member Fred Allen. We also did a memorial trophy for our good friend Wayne Phillips. Wayne was one of the original PP members. He passed away August 1st and is truly missed. The Best Unfinished trophy was taken care of by Jamie Tiffany from Driveway Werx. Jamie has won best unfinished at the past two Scr8pfest shows with his D-50 that he finished earlier this year and wanted to give something back, so he offered to make a clock for the award. Since he went the extra mile we decided to let Jamie pick who deserved the award
Photo 5/18   |   There were also a ton of MT feature trucks in attendance.
Awards Given Out For Best Ofs
Club Choice - Jamey Tiffany, '88 D-50 from Driveway Werks
Best Truck - Alvin Lawrence, '94 Chevy S-10 from Relaxed Atmosphere
Best Interior - Patrick Kennedy, '93 Ford Ranger
Best Paint - Eric Foelber, '99 Chevy S-10 from Negative Camber
Under Construction - Tim Bradham, '55 Chevy Bel Air from TB Chassis Works
Memorial Trophy - Travis Shade, '99 Chevy Blazer
* Draggin' Contest
* Club Games (Tug-o-war, water balloon toss, baseball bat relay, keg toss, hidden box race)
* Burnout Contest
Photo 6/18   |   2008 Scr8pfest Xi Custom Truck Show custom Yellow Truck
Hairston Enterprises Inc (McDonalds), Billet and Acrylic Fantasies, Carolina Golf Cars, Reigal Services Inc., Berryman Electrical Service, 110 Kustoms, Signz & Design, Roofing Service Inc.,, Pro Tint, Lowrider Depot, Carolina Hitch & Truck Accessories, Allied Waste, Lawson's Drywall & Acoustical, Squeegee, and T/ Concord Motorsport Park
Drop 'Em Wear?, Drop Jaw, J.A.G. Motorsports, Pro Tint, TB Chassis Works, Sickness Video, Show Down Customs
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