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  • 2008 Weeniestock - Custom Truck Show

2008 Weeniestock - Custom Truck Show

Not Your Normal Truck Show

Jul 1, 2009
Contributors: John Salas
Photographers: John Jackson
Photo 2/18   |   2008 Weeniestock Custom Truck Show custom Truck
Weeniestock is not your run of the mill custom car and truck show where people stress about winning trophies and dealing with any sort of drama. So we decided to let the promoters tell you about the show rather than doing the traditional show write-up and Lowdown.
Weeniestock is about hanging with friends, enjoying good music, and having some laughs. WS 2008 was the third annual in the tradition of appreciating show attendees by promoters in Texas and abroad. Shows represented were Gator Drag, Siknic, Texas Made, Battledrag, Texas Motorsports Expo, Turkey Drag, and the host P Events, Meltdown and Dry Off shows. P Events created this event three years ago to thank show attendees for their support and now they have invited many promoters to share in the appreciation. This year the event was held at the Showboat Theatre in Hockley TX, just outside of Tomball and was covered with great Texas weather since the original date was washed out with hurricane IKE.
Photo 3/18   |   Whataburger reclaimed his beer-chug victory.
This year some of the clubs on hand included, Negative Camber, No Regrets, Freaks of Nature, Damage Inc., Excessive, Ground Zero, Laying on the World (LOW), CST, Texas Chaos, and the Motley Crue of Vertically Challenged which brought the count to over 150 vehicles. In addition many spectators were there to enjoy the landscape of customized vehicles. Let us reiterate again, Weeniestock is a celebration of the fun lifestyle and P Events brought some creative games to keep the entertainment level high. Games like full contact/duct tape musical chairs were a smashing success with Excessiv taking the win over Bones and VC. However, Bones did redeem his status by winning the beer chug contest. Whataburger showed all why he is the king of the chug in an exhibition match. I personally think something is wrong with that kid. Damage Inc. defined a new meaning of dragging as they beat every single opponent in the tug of war contest. The icon game for Weeniestock was the weenie swallow. This is where four couples competed for a cash prize. One member held between their legs a stick with a string that dangled a "John Holmes" weenie while the other party ate and swallowed. The first couple to eat and swallow it won. One lucky couple took home the title of Weeniestock deep throat champ. When asked their name they couldn't say it loud enough as they were actually scarred of the title. DJ Get Low did the honors of spinning tunes all day with an eclectic mix of old skool hip hop with current tunes. Brandon with Gatorskinz was busy selling Weeniestock T-shirts while Crime Pay's Video sold their latest DVD creation. A new comer to the WS vendor area was Chicken with Not Stock Photography that brought some framed photographic pictures of rides in motion. Twisted DVD recorded all the shenanigans during the show. End of the day did bring some awards for winners of games as well as recognition for most entries of clubs and longest distance. John Salas helped coordinate one of the coolest awards anyone has given out, customized heads that were painted by Waylon Tucker of Houston. It was joked by Chris Tovar that Weeniestock was the only show that you paid $5 to park, got free hotdogs, listened to good music and got a "head". A big thank you goes to the vendors that helped promote and support this event such as Crime Pays Video, Twisted DVD, Outlaw Motorsports, Fat Rob's, and Mind to Metal. Additionally to all the promoters that joined P Events both present and past.
The term "lifestyle" and "scene" are two words that are usually abused. The lifestyle of the scene is about building nice rides, enjoying each other's company, and eliminating as much drama as possible. The economy and recent weather challenges have put enough pot holes in our world, so it's good to know that shows like Weeniestock can add a little escapism to the daily grind. Is this show ever going to be a mega show with thousands of attendees and corporate sponsorship; who knows? However, the creator of this event left Houston with new energy of wanting to do more shows and be more involved. The people that attended this event with vigor are the type of people that will join me and people like Radar and John Salas who have been in the scene for over 15 years. It's not about the trophies it's about the fun experiences and memories shared. Weeniestock is simply... the people's show. For more information be sure to visit or email



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