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  • Calendar Of Events - Road Trippin' - August 2009

Calendar Of Events - Road Trippin' - August 2009

The Sport Truck Staff
Aug 1, 2009
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The Shows
1. August 1
Streamline Car Show
Location: Streamline Hot Rods & Auto Repair, Salem, OR
411: show@streamlineautorepair.com
2. August 1
10th Annual Sport Truck Shootout
Location: London Dragway, London, KY
411: www.truckshootout.com
3. August 1
California Truck Jam Plus Afterdark
Location: Hollywood Park, Inglewood, CA
411: www.truckjam.com
4. August 1-2
Envy Frenzy
Location: Kingston, NY
411: myspace.com/envyfrenzy
5. August 6-9
40th Annual Street Rod Nationals
Location: Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, KY
411: www.nsra-usa.com
6. August 7-9
Carlisle All-Truck Nationals
Location: Carlisle, PA
411: www.carlisleevents.com
7. August 8
Relaxin' at the Rock
Location: Rooster Rock State Park, Portland, OR
411: Ron Perkins (503) 318-5984
8. August 14-16
8th Annual Goodguys Great Northwest Nationals
Location: Spokane Fair & Expo Center, Spokane, WA
411: www.good-guys.com
9. August 15
Dream Show
Location: Lazarre Park, West Monroe, LA
411: www.myspace.com/dreamcruz
10. August 21-23
Goodguys West Coast Nationals
Location: Alameda Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, CA
411: www.good-guys.com
11.August 22
Outlandish Nights
Location: Sonic Burger, Rome, GA
411: www.myspace.com/potlandishbash
12. August 22
Sittin Pretti Summer Slam
Location: Arlington Airport, Arlington, WA
411: www.sittinpretti.com
13. August 27-30
Richmond Nationals
Location: Richmond Raceway Complex, Richmond, VA
411: www.nsra-usa.com
14. August 28-30
Goodguys Blue Suede Cruise
Location: Summit Motorsports Park, Norwalk, OH
411: www.good-guys.com
What's a road trip without a little detour? Check out these sights and send us a postcard to let us know if we wasted your time.
Uniroyal Gal: Giant
Waitress: Blackfoot, Idaho

Back in the day a whole bunch of giant fiberglass women were made to promote Uniroyal Tires. Nowadays these "women" pop up in different places promoting their new owner's whatevers'. This big woman stands outside a diner wearing a waitress outfit and holds a big plate of tasty Idaho french fries.
Nutty Narrows Squirrel Bridge:
Longview, Washington

Either somebody really cared about a declining squirrel population or just got really tired of scraping squirrel guts of the highway. Either way, somebody cared enough for these little critters to erect a bridge crossing Olympic Way in this little town. We think "death by car" has now become "death by bridge jumping".
Randy's Big-Ass Donut: Inglewood, California
Anybody in town for the California Truck Jam has got to stop by Randy's and pick up a tasty jelly. You can't miss the place-its got a giant donut right on top of the building. We smell a staff field trip coming up.
Pioneer Mother With Scary Child:
Frackville, Pennsylvania

Somebody else thought "big woman=good business". In this case they may have been a bit wrong. This large lady is molded to look like a pioneer woman straight off the frontier. The weird part is she has a young child in tow who looks more like an old man with a toddler body. Freaky.
Miniature Golf Course In
A Funeral Home: Palatine, Illinois

We swear we're not making this one up. In the basement of the funeral home is an actual 9-hole course. Don't ask what the balls and putters are made of.
Ausable Chasm: Ausable Chasm, New York
The so-called "Grand Canyon of the East" is a cool not-so-little hole in the ground with water flowing through it. The river cutting out this hole provides plenty of tubing and rafting adventures. We don't have any word if you can drop over the falls in a whiskey barrel though.
Got An Event Or Detour?
Email mike.finnegan@sorc.com, and we'll list it here each month in Road Trippin'.
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