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  • Red's MT Auto News - December 2009

Red's MT Auto News - December 2009

Red's MT Auto News

Robert Hall
Dec 1, 2009
Layed Out Video
A new DVD company has hit the scene with Hot Rods and Home Movies. Paul Devine and Angie Beyer didn't plan on going into the DVD business, it just sort of happened. They've been able to produce their first DVD thanks to friends like Draggin Thru Productions, Surface Video, Crime Pays Video, Sikness Video, Downtime Designs, and Graphic Disorder, who have all given them help and advice along the way. With names like that you know their vid is going to be good. I recently got the chance to watch this new DVD and it's been added to my must-buy list from now on. I know people will love the show coverage and can enjoy the fact that as they're watching the movie, they're also watching someone grow as a videographer and develop a new style all his own. You can really see a steady progression from the first few shows in the vid to the last few featured. Layed Out Video is currently filming for its next DVD as we speak. To snatch up a copy of the DVD or some cool gear check out
Photo 2/8   |   layed Out Video Hot Rods And Home Movies dvd
Get It On The Ground
Air-Zenith has done it for you again. Making things easy and clean, the company now carries heavy-duty mandrel bent back half rails. These 2x4-inch rails feature a 3/16-inch wall and are over eight feet long. Perfect for any builder wanting a clean and professional install and will work for both minis or full-size trucks. If your back-half has you nervous to jump in and drive your truck, maybe it's time for an upgrade. If you're about to start a buildup then this is the way to get it right the first time. Guaranteed to be in stock so you won't have to wait months to start your build. Offering the lowest price around these puppies aren't going to last long. Get over to and check them out today.
Photo 3/8   |   layed Out Video Hot Rods And Home Movies mandrel Bent Frame Rails
Chop It Designs
I recently ran across Terry Wilcox with CID because he was offering a rendering package that had my full attention, but I had never heard of them. My pockets are not deep but I still needed a rendering of my truck that looked professional. I got a hold of Terry and started the process. The price of the rendering package hit a homerun with me. Terry is a minitrucker and was brought up around the automotive scene, and he doesn't mind helping the guys out there that run low on funds. Prices range from $75.00 single view to $100.00 for a double view. With those prices you could afford to come up with more renderings than our editor Mike Alexander (who could start his own online car show with all of those renderings he never builds-haha but shhhh, don't tell him were making fun of him!) Each rendering comes with an 11x14 poster print and multiple-sized digital files. You can check out some more of CID's work at
Minitrucker Custom Plates
We decided it was time to properly outfit our office, but we still need your help. We want to decorate wall-to-wall with custom license plates from every state and from around the world (eventually all the plates donated will go up on our website to vote on your favorites from each state). If you would like to help out and send us one of your extra custom plates, email for the details. This month we feature three plates: LOW PSI from Mr. Morris in Indiana, ANT KLR from Ben Wilson in Kentucky, and going international with ITZ LOW from our boys down under. We can't wait to see which ones come in next!
Fast 411
-Every U.S. bill, regardless of denomination, costs four cents to make.
-Annually, 17 tons of gold is used to make wedding rings in the United States.
-The WD in WD-40 stands for Water Displacer.
What's Red Thinking?
-My shop is never big enough no matter how big it gets!
-Why can't minitruckers get beer sponsors?
-Why do we drive on parkways and park in driveways?
Browsin' Around - A great place for premium quality auto paint online. - Tips and how-to info on welding for the beginner. - As always, don't forget all the cool things we have to offer on our web page.
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