Show Lowdown

Name: Pandemonium
Location: Buhlow Lake in Pineville, Louisiana
Dates: July 12-13, 2008

Total vehicles in Attendance: 300+
Spectator attendance: 1000+

Fast 411
- Gator Skinz supplied the awesome event t-shirts for this event with 100% of the proceeds going to BJ and his family
- This show was called "Louisiana Fall Fest" but you can't exactly have a Fall Fest in July now can ya?

- A hot pepper eating contest with an actual pinstriped pepper from Get Stroked for the trophy
- On site camping was definitely "the event" of the weekend
- Off-site go kart racing and carnival sliding
- Public auction sponsored by Get Stroked Pinstriping

Kutting Edge Graphix, Drop 'Em Wear? Clothing, Get Stroked, Puff Daddy Burgers, KIK, Crime Pays Video, Gator Skinz, Advanced Collision Repair

Contact for future events, or BJ Mills at (318) 792-9391