Bako Sonic Cruise Night

Cruisin' The Streets Of Bakersfield, California

Chad Cooper
Jan 1, 2010
Photographers: Chad Cooper
With shows getting more spread out, you might be asking yourself what to do between shows to feed your craving of minitrucks, dragging, and good times hanging with fellow minitruckers.
Photo 2/6   |   The perfect cruise shot! Draggin' right by the Sonic and no one was hassled by the cops or drive-in all evening long.
The answer is simple: local cruise nights! Cruise nights have been around for as long as there have been cars to drive them to, but now they're starting to come back in full swing and helping to fill the gaps in the show scene. We recently heard of a cruise night in Bakersfield, California, that boasts a pretty impressive turnout. If you live anywhere around Bakersfield, then jump in your ride and cruise your way down to the Sonic Drive-In located at 6701 White Lane. Every Saturday this cruise night is hoppin' with the support of local clubs and minitruckers from near and far. Upon arrival, we were amazed with the turnout of this cruise night as many local clubs took over the parking lot with everything from SEMA show vehicles to daily drivers and even trailered projects to show off new mods they've completed on their rides. Overall, the night was amazing hanging with fellow minitruckers and meeting tons of new friends. As I sat on the grass and watched the trucks drag past I thought to myself that this is definitely where our lifestyle continues to grow strong and how these cruise nights and local shows help strengthen these bonds of camaraderie. We're looking forward to the next cruise night we get to bring you first hand as the only magazine covering the local scene both near and far! For more information, check out the Show Lowdown.
Show Lowdown
Name: Bako Cruise Night
Location: Sonic Drive-In, Bakersfield, CA
Dates: Every Saturday night around 9pm till everyone leaves
Total Vehicles in Attendance: More than 90 customs
Spectator Attendance: More than 125 people
Photo 3/6   |   bako Sonic Cruise Night custom Truck
Fast 411: Open to all types of customs from minitrucks to full-size trucks, imports, lowriders, or hot rods
Events: Trucks dragging down the street, tons of customs on display, show off your ride and have fun doing it
Sponsors: Sonic Drive-In: as long as you buy food you can hang out all night. Just don't block the drive-thru or blow it for everyone.



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