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  • Heritage 2K9 - Custom Truck Show

Heritage 2K9 - Custom Truck Show

Taking Over Kentucky Again!

Brandon Burrell
Apr 1, 2010
Contributors: Mike Alexander
Photographers: Brandon Burrell
Once again we made the trek into the mountains of Kentucky for the annual Heritage show. This show is held in a little town called Whitesburg, Kentucky-an old-fashion country town with a couple restaurants, two hotels, and a grocery store.
Photo 2/19   |   heritage 2k9 Custom Truck Show custom Trucks
Minitruckers literally take over this small town every September for a weekend full of minitruck fun. This is still the show where dragging and cruising is not only allowed all over town, but it's encouraged. There is even a police led cruise from the show site to Main Street where there's a burnout contest right in front of the court house. The town has open arms the whole weekend long as this show brings more than twice the people into town than they actually have residents. The showgrounds were packed this year, pretty much to capacity with more then double its largest year before, making the 2009 event the biggest yet. For more information on this show or to book your hotel (which you better do early as there are only two hotels in town and they fill up quickly), check out the show Lowdown for the contact info.
Photo 3/19   |   A local Auto Shop teacher is helping his students build a battery powered, electric- motored minitruck that sits flat on the ground! Stay tuned for more on this buildup.
Show Lowdown
Name: Heritage 2K9
Location: Whitesburg, Kentucky
Dates: Weekend after Labor Day (Sept 11-13 this past year)
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 317
Spectator Attendance: 10,000+ over three-day weekend
Photo 4/19   |   heritage 2k9 Custom Truck Show truck Limbo
Fast 411:
• Thrown by minitruckers, for minitruckers and is non-profit with free spectators and free camping
• All Night Cruise Scene: drag anywhere you want, all over town, all weekend long
• All Day "H2K9 Metal Fest" with 8 different bands on stage
• Participants from 18 states and as far away as Clearwater, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri
Photo 5/19   |   heritage 2k9 Custom Truck Show booth
• Dragging awards tallied for the most hardcore dragger in downtown, staff is always watching and it lasts all weekend long
• Main Street burnouts on Friday night after Police led "Rail 'N Cruise"
• Cruisers are awarded for being seen in town the most, the club who was seen the most this year, "DedicateD" won a ton of prizes and will get a street renamed after them
• Truck Limbo
• Moon Pie and warm RC eating contest
Photo 6/19   |   heritage 2k9 Custom Truck Show mini Trucks
Sponsors: Letcher County Parks and Recreation, Parkway Pharmacy, Fraziers Farmer Supply, Elkhorn Drug, Summit City Coffee, Apogee Environmental, Whitaker Bank, Communist Trust Bank, People's Bank and Trust, Allstate Insurance, Neighborhood Restaurants, Inc., Graphic Disorder, ITS2BAD Customs, Stylin Solutions, Pinstripes by Kevin, SPECKtacular Graphics, John's Custom Trophy, GB Customs, Drop 'EmWear?, DropJaw Magazine, ICUTUSTICK, and Culinary Designs by BigRik
Photo 7/19   |   heritage 2k9 Custom Truck Show custom Ford Ranger
Special Thanks To: Kentucky State Police, Whitesburg Police Department, City of Whitesburg, Letcher County, Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation, Food City, Suicide Doors, "103.9FM The Bulldog" and the entire Heritage volunteer staff!
Contact for Future Events: Call Lee M. Caudill at (606) 633-4823 x1321, or visit


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