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Red's MT Auto News - August 2010

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Mike Alexander
Aug 1, 2010
Contributors: Robert Hall
Mini Trucker Custom Plates
We decided it was time to properly outfit our office but we still need your help. We want to decorate wall-to-wall with custom license plates from every state and from around the world (eventually all the plates donated will go up on our website to vote on your favorites from each state). If you would like to help out and send us one of your extra custom plates, email mini.truckin@sorc.com for the details. This month we feature three killer plates: S10FREK from our buddies over at the Las Vegas Speedway, WAY2LO from Noe Gadea in Joplin, Missouri, and LYN FRM from a good friend in Kentucky. We can't wait to see which ones come in next!
Get It Mounted
For the past 23 years, In The News Inc. has been preserving and mounting magazine articles for companies and enthusiasts all around the world. From their killer 22,000-square-foot facility in Tampa, Florida they work on more than 5,000 publications worldwide. Each piece they create is custom-designed and handcrafted to the most stringent quality control standards in the business. This is the perfect display of your moment in history, mounted and sealed so you can display your accomplishment and preserve it for years to come. If you are featured here in the pages of Mini Truckin' or any other magazine, contact Ryan for a free quote/layout. For more information, email rsumner@inthenewsonline.com, or call (800) 548-3993, ext. 3048.
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Fast 411
It's against the law to slam your car door in Switzerland.
Revolvers cannot be silenced because of all the noisy gasses that escape the cylinder gap at the rear of the barrel.
According to a British law passed in 1845, attempting to commit suicide was a capital offense. Offenders could be hanged for trying.
During World War II, condoms where used to cover rifle barrels from being damaged by salt water as the soldiers swam to shore.
Enough beer is poured every Saturday across America to fill the Orange Bowl.
Browsin' Around
Paintforcars.com - the paint you need for the price you want
Aipracing.com - cool motorcycle parts and great service
Searchtempest.com - a multi-city search engine for all you craigslist shoppers
Shop Shout-Out
True Customs

Carriere, MS



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