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  • Blood Drag 2010 - Camaraderie Is Key

Blood Drag 2010 - Camaraderie Is Key

Serious Name, Fun Event

Joe Greeves
Sep 1, 2010
Photographers: Joe Greeves
Participating in a long-standing tradition, drivers from throughout the East arrived for the 10th Annual Blood Drag event, which was held this March in Lawrenceville, Georgia. More than 250 vehicles were on display in the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds, with drivers enjoying the chilly mornings and warm, sunny afternoons. Show promoter Eddy Cebreco continues to put on the show-which has roots that go back more than a decade-that he was involved with from the start. Originally conceived as a way to help a club member involved in an auto accident, Blood Drag soon transitioned into the fun event it is today. Camaraderie is the key to this get-together and the Friday night kickoff party at Moonshine Customs got things off to an exciting start.
Photo 2/25   |   Rolling on a beautiful set of 24-inch rims, this blue '05 Ford dualie was owned by Robert Robinson.
On Saturday, the Hooters crew kept everyone happy, with gorgeous gals in bright orange outfits serving hot food. The Saturday night after-party at the Lawrenceville Hooters was jam-packed and doubled the fun. Hooters' marketing coordinator, Jayden Hindall, ensured everyone had a great time.
One of the more unique Sunday afternoon attractions was the contingent of 18-wheelers at the show, which engaged in their own brand of fun. Since traffic accidents sometimes demand the ultimate in creative solutions, wrecker drivers have to be prepared for anything. To the delight of the crowd, a pair of them teamed up to show just how versatile they were. The bright yellow wrecker from Jackson Towing and the red New Image wrecker showed how easy it was to lift a fullsize tow tractor 20 feet in the air. More than just fun, the exercise showed the precision and real-time capabilities of these heavy-duty rigs. Once the wrecker crews had the truck suspended, however, it became the centerpiece of the display field. A multitude of vehicles parked underneath the multi-ton setup for a quick photo opportunity. We were impressed with both wreckers, but the Jackson Towing wrecker took home the 8-Lug Editor's Choice award.
One of the other vehicles in contention for the same award lost out at the last minute. Wally Williams drove his beautiful, flame-painted, custom F-350, which towed a three-truck trailer to the event. Wally was inducted as a petitioning member of No Regrets during the event and, as part of the host club, was not eligible for trophies. Not to worry. You will be seeing more of Wally's custom tow truck in an upcoming issue.
The afternoon awards ceremony sent more than 65 drivers home with custom Plexiglas trophies, designed and created by Jon Fulmer. Special thanks goes to the event sponsors: Hooters, Godfathers Customs, Moonshine Customs, Little Shop of Horrors, Sam's Garage, DropJaw, Thatcher's Fabrication, and Drop-em-Wear. A special thanks goes to the members of No Regrets car and truck club for their help with running the event. See for more info.


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