NorCal Diesel Truck Shootout

The Fastest Trucks In The West Meet In California's Capitol

Jason Sands
Oct 1, 2010
Photographers: Jason Sands
Competitors from all around the Northwest and even Canada ventured out to Sacramento Raceway for the 5th Annual NorCal Diesel Rally. As always, the NHRDA put on a good show and there was plenty of drag racing to be had, whether your truck ran 16-second quarter-miles or 10-second passes. What really struck us at this event was the turnout of truly fast, street-driven diesels that made the call in the Pro Street and Super Street Classes. The diversity of trucks was also interesting: There were tubbed two-wheel-drive race trucks, four-wheel-drive street trucks, extra cabs, regular cabs, and trucks on drag radials. Everybody seemed to have a different strategy for going fast-and everybody's plan seemed to be working.
Photo 2/12   |   Harvey Grant from J&H Performance drove his 12-valve-powered, wheels-up Ramcharger to a best pass of 10.83 seconds. Look for this twin-turbo, nitrous-huffing ride to be in the 9s very soon. Oh yeah, and it's still street-driven.
In Pro Street, Dmitri Millard, Drake Swett, Harvey Grant, Trent Nell, and Donovan Harris all made 10-second passes and were able to do so consistently. Perhaps the most impressive was the shocking 146-mph qualifying pass made by Trent Nell (our June cover truck), whose truck has now gone significantly faster than any fullsize Duramax. Based on the truck's weight of 5,500 pounds, that means Nell's Duramax is making more than 1,100 hp with no nitrous. During eliminations, however, Nell pushed through the beams, resulting in a win for Harvey Grant's Cummins-powered Ramcharger. On the other side of the Pro Street ladder, the Dynomite Diesel-sponsored Armor Inc. truck was making rounds, setting up an all-two-wheel-drive final. In the finals, the Armor truck, driven by Donovan Harris, got the jump and never looked back, running a mid-10-second pass for the win.
In Super Street, the final round was one of the most exciting races we've ever seen. Dmitri Millard, who had driven his truck to the event from Utah, was pitted against Victor Silera, who had run a best-ever pass of 11.1 seconds before this event. In the finals, Millard got the better reaction time, but the Dodge drove back around him as Millard's Allison was shifting gears. Millard hit the nitrous at about half track and squeezed past Silera with a slower 10.76 at 139 mph to Silera's 10.74 at 131 mph. It was a holeshot win, and the margin of victory was about a bumper length.
Photo 3/12   |   Perhaps the best race of the night was Millard against Silera. It was Silera's first time using nitrous, and he made a best-ever, 10.74 seconds at 131 mph on regular old street tires! Still, Silera's Dodge wasn't able to overcome the awesome 139-mph charge by Millard's 1,200hp Duramax.
Considering Sacramento Raceway is less than a half-day drive from Northern or Southern California, we expect this event to continue to grow in the future. Congratulations to Jim Calhoun for winning the E.T. Bracket Class, Dmitri Millard for his hard-earned victory in Super Street, and Donovan Harris, who came all the way from Canada and brought home the win in Pro Street.



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