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  • MT News - November 2010 - Minitrucks On The Web

MT News - November 2010 - Minitrucks On The Web

From The Inside Out

Mike Alexander
Nov 1, 2010
Minitrucker Custom Plates
With your help, we've covered almost every state in the country and have even added cool plates from around the globe. We're almost there with this month's submissions to completing the goal of a custom plate from every state. This month we got two killer additions from a couple of dedicated minitruckers. The MYWORLD plate comes from Louisiana and with quite a bit of history. The plate belongs to Duck from DIB and was on his cover truck in 1999! The second plate comes from our buddy Nebraska and reads 2LO4MOM.
If you would like to help out and send us one of your extra custom plates, email Mini.truckin@sorc.com for the details. We can't wait to see which ones come in next!
Minitrucks On The Web
These days, if you're not online 24/7 it seems you just may miss out on something. Everyone is going a million miles a minute, and there's so much cool stuff out there in the cyberweb just waiting to be discovered. We have our web portal for this very magazine at Minitruckinweb.com, but beyond that we also host a MySpace page, Facebook page, and many other forums that keep us all interconnected to the latest news, trucks, shows, products, etc. The newest forum to add to this collection of useful websites is Minitruckerforums.com. They have worked hard to create a space where minitruckers can come together and get helpful info while getting to be a part of a great community. So make sure to sign up and check it out today... if you still have an empty bookmark left to give.
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Fast 411
A snail can sleep for three years.
On the other hand, ants never sleep.
Albert Einstein never learned how to drive a car.
During World War II, the Japanese used shark liver oil in the engines of their fighter planes.
Women blink nearly twice as much as men.
German shepherds bite humans more than any other breed of dog.
If you fart consistently for six years and nine months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.
Browsin' Around
Minitruckinweb.com - the home of Mini Truckin' mag online.
Myspace.com/minitruckinmag - We attempt to keep up.
Facebook.com/minitruckinmag - Yes, I said we try.
Minitruckerforums.com - See the news story.
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