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  • MT News - February 2011 - Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

MT News - February 2011 - Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

From The Inside Out

John Mata Jr
Feb 1, 2011
News Flash
Utah lawmakers are looking to ban the use of most aftermarket exhaust systems, which not only limits the enthusiast, but can possibly strike a huge blow to mom-and-pop muffler shops statewide. The bill (S.B. 106) has already passed through the Senate Transportation Committee and is now moving to the Senate floor for review. Under the confines of the proposed bill, all vehicles must be equipped with an exhaust system that "is installed by the original manufacturer of the vehicle and is not modified." What these members of Utah state legislature don't get is that modern aftermarket exhaust systems are designed to increase vehicle efficiency without increasing emissions. Another flaw of this initiative is there is no standard guideline provided for law enforcement to police each and every case, which would leave their judgment subjective as to whether or not an exhaust system is in violation.
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Contact Utah senators ASAP and help sway their decision.
Visit semasan.com for ways on how you can make a difference.
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Mini Truckin,

Hello, my name is Michael Valenzuela, and I have a '97 Saturn SW2 wagon. Yes, I know, a Saturn wagon. I get that a lot, but I just wanted to know if you guys still put cars in your magazine because I would love to see my wagon in the mag because it's done minitruck style. I have read your magazine for years and love to check out the features. Sometimes I think I should have got a truck but this is what I started with. But it is cool to show up at car shows and have my Saturn wagon the only one done up like mine. Well, thanks for your time.
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Thanks for writing in, and thanks for being a loyal subscriber. We have featured mini-inspired cars in the past, but the core readership tends to prefer to see minitrucks in the magazine. Now, we get lots of questions about how to get crossover vehicles featured as well, such as Scion XBs, Chevy HHRs, and other such hard-to-classify models that don't really have a home in too many other magazines. Although we have featured XBs in the past, the collective response from our readers hasn't been strong enough for us to look to feature them on a regular basis. I guess what we're saying it that you have a chance, albeit a slimmer one than say a purebred minitruck does. Please don't let that stop you from building what you've started. Keep pushing the boundaries of customizing, and only good things will come of it.
For all those with custom rides that don't quite fit into the mainstream "minitruck" category, such as smaller crossover SUVs, please send photos to mini.truckin@sorc.com.
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