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  • Off Beat - MT News - November 2011

Off Beat - MT News - November 2011

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MT Staff
Nov 1, 2011
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We get loaded up with TONS of emails every week, and most of them are very interesting to read. There are always lots of cool buildup photos included, bits of constructive criticism, and of course, mentions of some things that we just suck at. Hey, it happens, can’t please everyone all the time. The point is, we love hearing from you, so to show our thanks, we will be rewarding five people of our choosing who write in to us over the next month with a FREE Blu-Ray copy of Fast Five. Fast cars, guns, and badass bald dudes. Guess, it doesn’t get much cooler than this, right? Send those emails to
Photo 2/2   |   off Boat Mt News November fast Five Blu Ray Cover
Cc: none
Subject: I Want to Write for Mini Truckin’

Dear Mini Truckin',
This morning I’m in my lawn chair, beer in hand, enjoying a sweet view of minitrucks still rollin’ into Camp ’n’ Drag. After a long 10.5-hour drive from Canada, I arrived here in Waveland, Indiana, on Friday afternoon to share an unforgettable weekend. I’ve decided to write to you guys partly because of peer pressure. My friends know that I’ve always aspired to write columns for a magazine that I’ve been true to for many years. They see the excitement in my eyes when I’m truly impressed by custom-built trucks, so they told me that there’s no harm in me just sending an email. As you can tell, this is a spur-of-the-moment, jump-into-the-deep-end email. There’s no resume included, nor are there examples of my published work on hand. I’m tipsy and lovin’ these trucks and I want you to know I love your magazine! I’m looking for an opportunity to show the minitruckin’ community that I’ve got what it takes as a writer, plus... I’m pretty awesome—just sayin!

Thx for your time,
Jessica Maticic

Ah, yes. We remember you! It was great meeting one of our readers looking to contribute to the magazine. Well, there are a few things that we’d need to take a look at. First would be a couple writing samples. It sounds like you have a decent grasp on grammar and don’t have a problem with getting your ideas out. Tell you what, you go ahead and send us a sample story relating to minitruckin’ and we will entertain the thought of possibly using your work in the future. Thanks for writing in, and we look forward to hearing back from you. Don’t let us down now!
What Not to Say to 5-O
Just a few things we’ve heard in person that won’t help your case one bit. Take note.

1. "I thought you had to be in good shape to be a cop."
2. "You’re not going to look under the tonneau cover, are you?"
3. "You know, technically, I pay your salary."
4. "How long were you a rent-a-cop before they gave you a badge and a gun?"
5. "What’s your favorite type of donut?"
Browsin’ Around Air-ride stuff. Yeah, they have it all! From 'bags to valves, compressors, and fittings, and everything else you need.
off Boat Mt News November airbagit Website
  |   off Boat Mt News November airbagit Website
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