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Scheid Diesel Extravaganza

Another Record-Setting Year For Diesel’s Largest Sled Pull, Drag Race, and Dyno Event

Mike McGlothlin
Dec 1, 2011
Photographers: David Kennedy
There’s only one event in our industry in which you’ll find two chassis dynos, three days of nonstop diesel action, and thousands of spectators coming and going throughout the weekend. Held every year in Terre Haute, Indiana’s Wabash Valley Fairgrounds, no event celebrates the diesel truck quite like the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza does. You can see some of the cleanest engine swaps you ever thought possible at the show ’n’ shine, attend aftermarket product seminars in the exhibition hall, meet professional drag racers, and even have parts and accessories installed on your truck.
Photo 2/17   |   More than 60 trucks tried to qualify in the 2.6 Class this year. Qualifying during the day meant a trip to the finals that night (on both Friday and Saturday).
Sled Pulling
The Scheid show’s roots are based in sled pulling, and the first two days of the event revolve around diesels tugging the iron sled across the dirt. And, as is always the case at Scheid, the pulling classes are chock-full of the nation’s most competitive trucks (2.6 Class, 3.0 Class, and Super Stock). Throughout the weekend, it seemed as if every class was anyone’s to win. While the killing off of the 2.8 Class undoubtedly pushed a lot of trucks down to 2.6, we believe it yielded quite a few more trucks in the 3.0 Class. In fact, for 2011, we saw more than 30 drivers try their hand in 3.0, which was the largest field observed in the event’s history. A brand-new attraction debuted this year as well, as fans were treated to hot rod semi action on Saturday night.
Photo 3/17   |   The high end of diesel truck pulling is extremely competitive. With names like Scheid, Haisley, and Woodruff backing some of the top trucks, the pressure to win is very high. This year, Scheid Diesel’s Kent Crowder was able to pilot its Super Stock Dodge to both a Second Place finish and a win during the two-day pulling action.
Drag Racing
Sunday’s drag race unfolded just a few hundred yards north of the pulling track at Crossroads Dragway. The eighth-mile dragstrip played host to the quickest diesel trucks, cars, and dragsters in the country. In the past, we’ve seen 4-second dragster passes and fullsize diesel trucks dip into the 5s. This year, a low 5-second run from Darren Morrison’s Cummins-powered S-10 had a shaky ending (he went off the end of the track), Michael Pliska’s rented Dodge Ram dualie took top honors in the E.T. Bracket Class (yes, it was an Enterprise rental truck), and side-by-side Pro Street action saw competitors trying to get their four-digit power numbers to the ground. And, just like the hot rod semi class that was added to the sled pull schedule, several Class 8 trucks hit the dragstrip. Take it from us: If you haven’t yet attended, you owe it to yourself to make it to Terre Haute, Indiana, next August.
Photo 4/17   |   Nine big rigs made it to the dragstrip on Saturday for some eighth-mile racing, and it was fun to watch Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Freightliner owners row some gears in front of a packed grandstand. Diesel fans were also treated to hot rod semi action on the pulling track this year, as 10 trucks hooked to the sled for some wheels-up action.
Sunday Drag Race Winners
E.T. Bracket: Michael Pliska
7.70 Index: Johnny Gilbert
Super Stock: Will Jones
Pro Street: Phil Taylor
Photo 5/17   |   Ryan Bean put his ’81 Chevy in the Pro Street mix and clicked off a 6.26-second eighth-mile at 113 mph during qualifying. The purpose-built Bowtie benefits from a common-rail, Zeus stand-alone-controlled 5.9L Cummins coupled with a BTS Ford 4R100 automatic. It was awesome watching it launch on the starting line.
2.6 Class (Top 5 of 12 Qualified Trucks)
Friday Night Sled Pull Finals
Place: Name: Truck: Distance:
1st Evan Smoot Dodge 317.75 feet
2nd Brandon Overmyer Dodge 314.34 feet
3rd Clint Corwin Dodge 313.28 feet
4th Terry Coppess Dodge 310.84 feet
5th Rob Wright Dodge 310.48 feet
2.6 Class (Top 5 of 26 Qualified Trucks)
Saturday Night Sled Pull Finals
Place: Name: Truck: Distance:
1st Adam Hallien Dodge 328.43 feet
2nd Rob Hall Chevy 327.02 feet
3rd Brandon Overmyer Dodge 324.18 feet
4th John Shriver Dodge 323.64 feet
5th Evan Smoot Dodge 320.20 feet
3.0 Class (Top 5 of 31 Trucks)
Friday Night Sled Pull Finals
Place: Name: Truck: Distance:
1st Bryan Baker Dodge 302.87 feet, 288.60 feet in pull-off
2nd Tyler Witt Dodge 300.99 feet, 287.16 feet in pull-off
3rd Andrew Sauer Dodge 298.00 feet
4th Tony Burkhard Chevy 297.41 feet
5th Josh Mosley Dodge 295.96 feet
3.0 Class (Top 5 of 30 Trucks)
Saturday Night Sled Pull Finals
Place: Name: Truck: Distance:
1st Curt Haisley Dodge 304.53 feet
2nd Andrew Sauer Dodge 299.63 feet
3rd Tyler Witt Dodge 299.22 feet
4th Josh Mosley Dodge 299.07 feet
5th Trevor Berry Ford (Cummins) 298.67 feet
Super Stock Class (Top 5 of 9 Trucks)
Friday Night Sled Pull Finals
Place: Name: Truck: Distance:
1st Cory Atley Ford (Cummins) 324.11 feet
2nd Kent Crowder Dodge 318.47 feet
3rd Shane Kellogg Dodge 314.35 feet
4th Carl Atley Ford (Cummins) 311.18 feet
5th Van Haisley Dodge 309.89 feet
Super Stock Class
Saturday Night Sled Pull Finals
Place: Name: Truck: Distance:
1st Kent Crowder Dodge 337.93 feet
2nd Shane Kellogg Dodge 316.23 feet
3rd Erik Stacey Chevy (Cummins) 315.16 feet
4th Van Haisley Dodge 312.48 feet
5th Ben Miller Ford 302.56 feet
6th Carl Atley Ford (Cummins) 294.85 feet
Hot Rod Semis
(Top 5 of 10 Trucks)
Saturday Night Sled Pull Finals


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