2003 Tokyo Motor Show Preview

Sneak peek at the wild, high-tech machines to be unveiled in Japan

Oct 20, 2003
112 0310 Pretokyo Toyo S
  |   112 0310 Pretokyo Toyo S
Makuhari Messe in Chiba, outside Tokyo, Japan, comes to life with this week, with its halls brimming with concept and production vehicles readied for public viewing on October 24th. This bi-annual show promises 87 world premiers and 96 Japan premiers, factoring in both automobiles and motorcycles.

Several Motor Trend editors are in the Far East to take an early look at the 41 cars making their international debut, ready to share their images, insights, and breaking news with you, our loyal readers.
112 0310 Pretokyo Honasm S
  |   112 0310 Pretokyo Honasm S
The Tokyo show is renown for its wild, even wacky concept car and bleeding-edge technology. This month's show looks to continue the tradition, with decidedly outlandish machines from Jeep and Toyota already grabbing attention. On the tech front, hybrid drivetrains and Internet technology will be prominent.
Performance enthusiasts worldwide will be looking close at concepts from Honda and Mazda that may portend of the future Acura NSX and Miata. And, of course, a few standout vehicles from the recent Frankfurt show will also be on display.
112 0310 Pretokyo Imas S
  |   112 0310 Pretokyo Imas S
MT Online will post continuing coverage starting late this week, continuing for several days as information and images become available. The list below details the known vehicles that we'll be looking for, though there are certain to be surprises. We hope you return to join us for a guided tour of this always fascinating show.
Audi Le Mans Quattro
Chrysler 300C Touring
Daihatsu UFE-II
112 0310 Pretokyo Jeep S
  |   112 0310 Pretokyo Jeep S
Daihatsu Ai
Daihatsu D-Bone
Daihatsu XL-C
Daihatsu Tanto
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta RS Rallye
Honda ASM
Honda HSC
Honda Imas
Honda Kiwami
Hyundai NEOS-II
Hyundai CCS
112 0310 Pretokyo Mazda S
  |   112 0310 Pretokyo Mazda S
Jeep Treo
Lexus LF-S
Lexus LF-X
Mazda Kusabi
Mazda Ibuki
Mazda Roadster Turbo Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE
Mazda Washu
Mercedes-Benz F500
Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren
Mitsubishi CZ2 Cabriolet
Mitsubishi I
Mitsubishi Se-ro
Peugeot 407 Elixir
Renault Be Bop
Nissan C-Note
Nissan Cube3
Nissan Fuga
Nissan Redigo
Nissan Serenity
112 0310 Pretokyo Sride S
  |   112 0310 Pretokyo Sride S
Saab 9-2x
Smart Forfour
Subaru B9 Scrambler
Subaru R1e
Suzuki Concept S2
Suzuki S-Ride
Suzuki Landbreeze
Suzuki Mobile Terrace
Toyota Fine-N
Toyota CS&S
Toyota SU-HV1
Toyota PM
Toyota NLSV
Toyota Crown Concept
Volvo Versatility Concept Car



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