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Off Beat - Danny Trejo

Machete Likes Mini Truckin'

John Mata Jr.
Apr 2, 2013
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We ditched the regular format of this page because we recently had the grand privilege of talking to Hollywood cult film legend Danny Trejo about vampires, lowered cars/trucks, and being a badass. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the real Mr. Danny Trejo.
Mini Truckin’: So did you get a chance to look through that copy of our magazine before you ripped it to shreds?
Danny Trejo: Yeah.
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MT: What did you think? Are you familiar with minitrucks at all?
DT: Oh yeah, of course. I love all trucks. You should see my Chevy. It’s not a minitruck but it’s a real clean ’52 pickup. It’s cherry as all hell—beautiful, and I still use it as a truck. I’ll still load it with furniture and stuff.
MT: Nothing wrong with treating it like the truck it is! How long have you had it for and where’d ya pick it up?
DT: Wow, I’ve had it going on 15 years now. I actually found it at the Pomona swap meet (laughs), bought it in pieces, and put it all together.
MT: Very cool! Of course Machete would be good with tools. We’re dying to know what other custom rides you’ve had or are still driving today.
DT: I think I’ve had every car you could imagine. I had a ’49 Ford that was just gorgeous and lowered—well everything I own is lowered. I have a ’36 Dodge Touring Sedan that is completely original, except for the suspension, sound system, pipes, and the A/C. I have the ’65 Buick Rivera clamshell, the ’76 Cadillac Seville that is just absolutely cherry. I love going places and hitting the switches and BAM, it just drops!
MT: Awesome! Is it ’bagged or juiced?
DT: It’s on ’bags. I think ’bags are better because you get a better ride and you’re not tearing up the car as much or have to worry about batteries catching fire in the back
MT: So what other vehicles would you like to have parked in your garage?
DT: One of these days I’m going to buy a car that I used to own a long time ago—a ’67 Cadillac Eldorado. It was the first front wheel drive Caddy, and it was long, it’s just a beautiful looking car. I’m going to start looking around for another one. Other than that, I’m happy with the cars I have.
MT: Man, you have an enviable collection.
DT: To me, getting a car or a truck and fixing it up is like a beautiful woman going out and getting accessories, you know? The rims are her shoes, you know what I mean? The chrome is her jewelry (laughs) and the paintjob is her nails
MT: That’s a beautiful way to look at it, but if the interior’s all screwed up, you’re in for some bad news.
DT: (laughs)
MT: So what did you drive today?
DT: I rode in a towncar today (laughs) but I have an ’07 Land Rover I usually drive everyday but you can’t really tell it’s a Land Rover because it has 24-inch wheels, and there’s no way I can lower it because of them. It does ride better than the 26s that were on it before. They rubbed too much.
MT: Well, thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you cruising around! Take it easy, Danny.
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