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MT Staff
Aug 5, 2013
Photographers: MT Staff
Plastic Pickup
A Tree-Huggers Delight
Toyota has partnered with French designer Jean-Marie Massaud to create the 2013 Toyota Me.We Concept, which unveiled in Paris. The “Me” part is due to the highly customizable exterior, which includes removable body panels, and even though it looks like a small hatchback, Toyota clams it can also be used as a pickup (with an extendable rear panel), a convertible (with a neoprene roof panel), and even an off-road vehicle. The “We” part of it is based on it being fully electric. It weighs in at around 1,600 pounds with its aluminum chassis, and features renewable bamboo wood flooring and fully recyclable polypropylene body panels. Looks kinda cool, but it's a hippie's dream—that's for sure.

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Subject: Lookin' For A Good Time
Dear Mini Truckin',

My name's Scott, I live outside of Pittsburgh, PA, … in the middle of nowhere. There's a few shows in my area but not a lot geared towards minitrucks … in my neck of the woods it's mainly big monster trucks. My dad got me into the minitruck scene, he had an S-10 that was just his daily. When I was 16, my parents got me mine … a '99 S-10 Xtreme. I put 17-inch KMC Stealths on it with some Fusion 235/45 r17 tires, and it's got a hard tonneau, carpet bed kit, and a small system … nothing huge. I listen to about everything when I'm driving. When I got my truck it was totaled, so my father and I rebuilt it, it had no front clip and had it now has a little over 40,000 miles on it. I've been wanting to go to the Dropt N Destroyed show in Ohio … and possibly hit Carlisle … I've been subscribing to the mag now for about 3 years and love it.


Photo 4/5   |   1999 Chevy S 10 Xtreme
Hey Scott,

Thanks for writing in, sounds like you have a cool pops. Yeah, you're kind of in a time warp zone as far as shows go, but you should definitely make the drive to Dropt N Destroyed and Carlisle! Consider driving to New Jersey for the Low Rollers End of Summer Bash and Camp N Drag and Slamology in Indiana, too. You still have some great options there. Keep up on the truck and put some more miles on that Dime! Hope to see ya around!

Browsin' Around

Photo 5/5   |   Gauge Store
Looking for air ride parts? Static lowering kits? Sheetmetal, interior and engine accessories, or anything in between? Then you need to shop at the Gauge Store.
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