Truck Fest 2013!

One of the West Coast’s Biggest Diesel Weekends

Jason Sands
Nov 19, 2013
Photographers: Jason Sands
Amajor event in the diesel performance industry—and one of the West Coast’s biggest—Truck Fest is a three-day celebration of pickups, big rigs, utility vehicles, and everything else with a bed. Day 1 started at the Adams County Fairgrounds with a sled pull, featuring Work Stock, 2.5, 2.6, and 3.2-inch-inducer classes. In an interesting twist, the 3.2 Class allowed compound-turbo street trucks using the popular BorgWarner S480 turbocharger to compete against purpose-built, single-turbo 3.0 Class trucks. For Day 2, the action moved over to ATS Diesel, located in Arvada, Colorado. At ATS, twin chassis dynamometers were on hand to measure horsepower and torque, and the parking lot was filled with food and vendors. The final event on the third day was held at Bandimere Speedway, where trucks and semis of all kinds competed in a show ’n’ shine, heads-up drag racing, and bracket racing. After racking our brains, we’re hard-pressed to think of another event out West that has so much to offer. If you’re into diesels of virtually any make, model, or kind, Truck Fest is a must-see.
Photo 2/30   |   The big rig class was a hit, and the line of vision-obscuring semitrucks filled the entire staging area. Most of these trucks were in the low 20-second zone in the quarter-mile, which isn’t bad considering their heft.
Vehicle Highlight: Tim Hansen’s “The Hybrid”
“The plan was to take an ’05 Dodge that was paid off and stick the best of everything we could afford into it,” Tim says. That meant a conglomeration of parts that never came with the truck, including an Industrial Injection–built 6.7L short-block, a computer conversion to run EFILive tuning, and a big, 82mm (3.2 Class) turbocharger clipped to 3.0 inches. Even the factory air-to-air intercooler has an air-to-water out front, hanging in its place. So for the million-dollar question—does it all work? It sure did at Truck Fest, with The Hybrid making a 340-foot pull and beating a very hot 3.0 truck by more than 10 feet.
"Four 9-second passes in a row…not bad!
— Dmitri Millard"
Vehicle Highlight: Dmitri Millard’s “Overkill”
When people first saw Dmitri’s front-clipless, Duramax-powered drag truck, their hands instinctively reached down into their pockets for their cell phones. We don’t know how many grainy photos there are out there of Overkill, but we’re betting a bunch. With dual CP3 pumps, Garrett GT45 and GT55 turbos making more than 100 psi of boost, and two water-to-air intercoolers, it’s easy to see why the truck got so much attention. And, putting down more than 1,100 rwhp (uncorrected, on both dynos, at more than 6,000 feet density altitude) proved Overkill had performance to match its looks.
Vehicle Highlight: Mike Haller’s “White Lightning”
Mike Haller’s ’08 Ford had a virtually stock engine and transmission, but the shortbed, back-halved conversion meant the truck was a good 2,500 pounds lighter than your average four-wheel drive. With a whiff of nitrous and an excellent 1.58-second 60-foot time, the little single cab that could went 10.83 at 126 mph. We’re looking for this truck to hit deep 9s once it gets dual K16s and a built transmission. Kudos to Mike (and previous owner Mike Dillehay) for building a real drag truck—and making 10s look so easy.
Welcome to ATS
ATS Diesel, located in Arvada, Colorado, is possibly one of the few indoor shops you can enter where’s it’s difficult to see the other end. With a whopping 106,000 square feet of total space, an indoor dyno, and a full R&D department, it’s clear to see why ATS has been a part of Truck Fest for so many years. Owner Clint Cannon is quick to point out that virtually everything is made or machined here in the United States, often on the second or third floor of the ATS building itself. If you’ve never been to ATS and you’re in Colorado, check it out—we promise it’s worth it.
Photo 9/30   |   Driving Through Shop



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