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Off Beat - February 2014

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MT Staff
Jan 14, 2014
Photographers: MT Staff
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Subject: Sticky Situation
Dear Mini Truckin',
As a long time reader and subscriber I want to cover a HUGE issue. Don't get me wrong, I love the magazine, and always love the content. What I DON'T love is that damn address sticker you glue to it. It constantly destroys my cover EVERY month. It peels, gets stuck to other issues, and destroys them as well. If you are going to put a sticker on them, why not make one that actually sticks? Or even better yet, why not put one on that peels off without ripping my cover or getting sticky and destroying others? Would you put a sticker in the middle of Last Look's mural? A sticker in the middle of the Time Machine's beautiful paint? Why do you put it on the beautiful magazine that I look forward to every month? I have called and written emails to what I thought were correct avenues, and now am writing to "The Man" in hopes that for the next three years of receiving this publication something will be done. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Do something about this madness!
Photo 2/4   |   Destroyed Cover
Michael Coyes
Internet, USA
Ugh, dude, I know what you mean. I have a few mag subscriptions that get delivered to my house and only one of them uses labels that come off without a trace. Ripping a new issue is always sucky for sure. I Googled "peeling labels off magazines" in hopes to solve our problem, and the Internet trolls suggested using a hairdryer, an iron (with a cloth on top of the mag), or a crafting heating gun to loosen the adhesive. Someone also suggested using the steam of a teakettle but that sounds like that could warp the crap out of the paper.
Now, I am listing to these solutions because getting the suits of corporate America to listen to you (and me) about our gripe is a long shot. They're all heartless robots with Siri voices (just kidding, bosses. I love you and I love my job). I know you were looking to make a difference and start a revolution, man, but I think we're licked on this one. However, I am not one to throw in the towel so quickly—I will mention it to them again while they're writing me up for insubordination.

Randumb Facts
According to Insurance.com, women drivers flip off more motorists and use more four-letter words while driving than men do. However, men are twice as likely to key someone's car or flip on their high beams to get even. According to motorists of both genders asked:
Photo 3/4   |   Road Rage
41% of drivers honk at slow cars
• Women 39% • Men 43%
37% of drivers have sworn in front of their kids
• Women 44% • Men 37%
29% of drivers gave another driver the finger
• Women 31% • Men 27%
28% of drivers brake-checked someone following too close
• Women 30% • Men 27%
11% of drivers stole a parking spot someone was waiting for
• Women 9% • Men 13%
9% of drivers chased a car that cut them off
• Women 7% • Men 11%

Browsin' Around
Photo 4/4   |   Lmtruck Website
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